The 2,700 microfilm clips taken at the tomb reveal much about our Alien visitors and their teachings, and in addition, goes into an in-depth perception of man's unseen powers, in an effort to awaken man from his earthly bounds and limitations. God created Earth and on the face of its globe this message was written. Man, being self-blinded to the meaning of universal laws and his purpose in this human race, was unable to tend what has been written, and can not understand its meaning for his own life time. A select few of our ancients, having an insight into our universe, interpreted it to others, but the majority of our incompetent masses sneer at facts that they cannot or refuse to acknowledge as truth. Since man is a spirit in a human form and is a direct descendant of God and Alien, he neglects the fact that all are born equal and whatever development he achieves within his short life span, is as he and he alone has made it. To scoff at humans of superior intelligence, coming from other planets, is merely the expression of the ignorance they have so vigorously cultivated.

Both man and Alien have the same capacity of thought waves and both are a part of all universal powers. For the sake of stressing this point of a supreme power, I'd like to quote from the book, "The Mysterious Universe" by Sir James Jeans who wrote the following regarding man's knowledge.

"All those bodies which compose the mighty frame of the wodd have not any substance without the mind. As we ilve in the unforgettable age of progressing science, knowledge becomes our most important goal while belief in God and the universal mind falls secondary. Man has always probed beyond his immediate realm of conscious thinking and gives ilifle or no thought to the power that iles within the mind and its universal purpose - that could answer his whys or what lays beyond. Albert Einstein has always stressed his bellef that man should regard time as another dimension in which all of the present should be a preparatory expedment for the dimension that will follow. Einstein's renowned theories have led him to regard the mind as the ultimate in reality, and the key that unlocks the hidden mysteries of the universe.

We live on a revolving ball in space, located in the star filled orbit from Pluto to Mercury. We know these starry planets, their history, their approximate birth and their distance from each other - and we have guestimates as to their demise. We are constantly probing space, designing great ships to penetrate the heavens, satellites for laboratory existence, communications with visitors of the far reaching areas of the universe - yet, as ironic as it may seem, we have yet to probe the mysteries of our own mind, leaving this stratum of the consciousness, which is the richest vein of all knowledge - to whither like the leaf of a tree.

The law of your mind is also the law of the universe and the law of belief, meaning that if you truly believe in belief itself, all things are totally possible, for your mind is an inseparable entity of the universal spirit where one cannot exit without the other. Therefore, you must bear in mind always that the law of life is the missing link between the universal mind and the creator. Thusly, the power that now lies within your subconscious is all supreme, as practiced by the ancients of previous civilizations and eras, and those who brought such a knowledge to earth more than a half million years ago. If the powers of the mind are known today by our scientists, researchers, prophets and members of the psychic cult, who can play judge and jury on the data taken from these secret records?



Teleportation, used in ancient times, is very much a part of Man's Supreme Power for it deals with the power of the mind and only of the mind (to an advanced degree). The word 'teleportation', in any layman's language, refers to an instant transference of a body or object from any given place - to another point of time or space without the use of a physical force of a visible tracement. It is the process in which a body seems to dematerialize and reappear at some distant point, similar to the science fiction stories of the 'Time Machine" of the motion picture, "Star Trek" where people are teleported to earth from a space craft. The records indicate that regardless of any dematerialization process, whether it is accomplished by instrumentation by higher technologies or involving a spiritual transformation, it is only a matter than can be accomplished by a rearrangement of atom structures, whether it be in a human form or of a solid material.

Teleportation is therefore a process that takes place within a billionth of a second. The details of it working under forms of instrumentation are beyond the comprehension of present man. With all transferals of a body or an object, there is error and uncalculated dangers by both earthlings and humanoid. Teleportation is only accomplished in split-second timing and beyond that billionth of the second, the transferal is lost forever. As an example worth remembering, the teleportation process, if delayed once it begins, could transfer one into a different time dimension or if the separation of atoms are used for entering a solid wall, such a hesitation of a split second could imprison one within that wall through all eternity.

The records of this tomb reveal two forms of teleportation. One is through varied instrumentation where rays of light are played on the body or object, using 'liquid light' fission, the complexity of an atom separator and a magnetic force field for mere seconds. Then the instant process begins on the body or object in which it begins to rapidly fade from sight - to be reconstructed at a different destination at the very same moment, regardless of distance. If you are familiar with the television series "Star Trek," this form of teleportation is somewhat accurate but the delay shown in this filming is not accurate. The entire process of teleportation only lasts, from its beginning to the complete transfer a total of three seconds, and of these three, only one billionth of a second is required to create the temporary rearrangement of the structural atoms.

As you are well aware, everything that exists in this universe, including solid forms, a living human or a spiritual soul - consists of an atom composite or an atom structure. Your body and your soul are atoms but vary in their density and since atoms are matter, they can never be destroyed. They can accept change from one form to another and they can be rearranged on a temporary basis - but they cannot be destroyed. Atoms that are also the breath of all life can be changed from the invisible to solids. They can be a human one day and a spiritual soul the next; they can be split for the use of explosive power (atom bomb) or they can be separated for the use of perpetual energy. Thus, from this microscopic, invisible particle comes life and all that we witness here on earth and in the universe.

The Alien, and or those great ancients, used the fullest power of the mind. They used these atoms as knowledge for energy, teleportation, cranial intervision (mind reading), spacecraft, powers to heal, telekinesis, levitation and the elongation of their own life span to more than 1,000 years (earth count). Teleportation, other than with the help of instrumentation, has been applied just through the powers of the universal mind. When one has an out of body experience, he has actually touched on a form of dematerialization, except in this experience you become a soul entity and lack the technology to commit your actual body to this very same process. There are, in a few well hidden archives of our leading institutes, records of "Transportory Force" or flight - marked 'top secret.' Our government and their institute agencies do have detailed records that list the disappearances of large ships fully cargoed and crewed, people who have been seen to suddenly light up and glow like an incandescent lamp - then immediately fade from sight.


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In the continuance of this vast study and the process of evaluating all that has now been photographed from these metal discs, I must explain that only a small portion of the findings can be published or released for this particular writing. Much of the data found relating to the higher technologies can never be released to this generation as long as apathy rules the thinking of our masses. I am referring to such archived data pertaining to the precise formula for telekinesis, human teleportation, the source of liquid light here on earth, the art of levitation and the advanced stages of transportary force, to mention little of revealing the exactness of our inner earth entrances where civilizations do exist in our earth in this very era of time. (Also Semjase told of the underground cities under big parts of the jungle in Brazil and else - still not known in official. R..anm.)

In nearly all centuries past, people have always taken a dim view of the many legends passed down by their ancestors, from IndIan folklore, stories from Plato, the tales of Jules Verne, or the dramatic escapades of our own Orson Wells, regarding sea monsters, little green men from outer space or the abominable snow man that turned skepticism into a horrified reality. The majority of our world's disbelievers are not completely without some reservations for many of the unexplainable phenomena are believed when we give reference to the Mayans who tunneled their way into the vast depths of our mountain ranges, caverns and the inner crevices to establish their inner cities - beyond all surface tribulations and the declining influence of the human race who rule the outside world.

Regardless of beliefs or disbeliefs concerning a hollow earth theory, not only have legends persisted of "the Golden Gods who dwell from within" but also we have a confirmation of this from the microfilms that indicate seven actual openings and seven large cavern cavities far below our surface. In their days, this advanced race of superior intelligence gave reference to our days of disasters, marking it for the Ishian Age prior to its final demise. For this reason alone, preparations were made for a safer existence (by the Mayans and Atlanteans) within the earth and no longer upon it. We are talking of an era dating back some 25 to 30,000 years.

There are, so far as we have been able to determine from the Mayan maps, these entrances into the inner earth lead directly into the cavern cities far below the earth's surface. Since and perhaps even prior to these Mayan's, many more openings were indicated by other civilizations, but they were either omitted by the Mayan hieroglyphics or kept from public knowledge for specific reasons. This particular race was quite secretive and seldom released date concerning their findings or their type technologies and may have purposely eliminated the major information concerning the many openings due to people's whims of curiosity.

None of the Mayan transcripts bore out precise locations of their residency, their underground cities or dates of their achievements.

From the microfilmed metal discs, we were fortunate in learning the whereabouts of at least seven major openings. Had it not been for this discovery in the tomb, more years than necessary would have to be devoted to intensified research in random areas over the entire face of this globe. As a maffer of fact, these openings may never have been found due to earth's changes of quakes, flooded land and the shifting of surfaces. At the time when these metal discs were laid to rest in this tomb, our earth surface had no resemblance to what is known or shown on our present day maps.

These cavities in our earth, which I am touching on under strange esoteric mysteries, are somewhat different than the expected caverns that admit tourists. These cavities below the earth's crust contain a vastness capable of housing several major cities in one area. As an' example, the cavern at the base of the entrance from the North, (according to the ancient map) could very well house the entirety of New York and Chicago, yet leave enough room for vast acreage of agriculture fields.

In South America, an opening is located at a latitude of 70 degrees with a longitude of 10 degrees. This cavern lies in the neighborhood of a 312-mile depth or 302 miles into the outer mantle. (If this is correct it is corresponding to scale-dept of 1 cm on a 30 cm globe. R..anm.) For the area involving the continent of Russia, there is an indicated opening (breathing hole) south of Tombau and north of Voronezia, at a latitude of 90 degrees and a longitude of 30 degrees plus. The depth of this cavern was listed at one million, seven hundred eighty-eight and one fifty-nine and nine of ten. In this terminology the meaning is in cubits for a depth of 508 miles (1,788,159.9). China has a location marked at a latitude of 110 degrees and a longitude of 25 degrees which would place you near the city of Kweilin. There is a recording (in cubits) that figure this cavern's depth at 277 miles down from our outer crust, or 267 miles into the outer-mantle. Unfortunately, the fourth opening is marked at a longitude of 40 degrees and a latitude of the same, thus pinpointing an area of the mid Atlantic. The fifth known cavity of the inner earth lies at a longitude of 42 degrees and a latitude not exceeding 77 degrees (give or take a degree due to land shifts over the past two hundred thousand years). This indicates one of our northeastern states of these United States.

According to all that has been recorded in the archives of this tomb, we have here, on this earth, twin worlds that are either matching or they are of two separate entities and the later I prefer to believe. For those of you who remain doubtful of the possibility of a twin world, let one stress the point that beneath our very surface there are thousands of miles of tunnels, dozens of submerged lakes, hundreds or more miles in underground rivers, enormous caverns that are within our ten mile crust. There are the volcanoes that extend their-massive shafts to depths of eight to twelve miles into the earth's abyss, with canal roots (passageways) piercing to depths of four hundred miles. Burned out volcanoes are a natural network of passages and caverns that eventually lead to the deeper portions of our inner earth and in some areas of the interior, vast cities could have been built.

Three thousand years ago, in India, transcripts were uncovered that strongly indicated our earth was inhabited by space vehicles, whose occupants existed below our surfaces. These same uncovered records of India revealed the proof that serial photography has existed for more than two hundred thousand years and from several ancient films, the aliens were featured in one-piece suits of a metal material with headgear that was in advance of any space suit contrived by our engineers at NASA. Commander Paulo Strauss, an officer in the Brazilian Navy believes in the theory that most of the flying saucers originate from our earth's interior, as well as some from beyond our galaxy, which was their original origin.

A famed Russian explorer by the name of Nicholas Roerich, claims that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was definitely connected by tunnels with Shamballah - a name given to one of the main cities of a subterranean chambers. (More of the caverns in Tibet and what is inside some of them - was described of Lobsang Rampa - see Cave of the Ancient and else. R..anm.) Such a tunnel in China would be in a forbidden territory and according to all visible records, it is one of the many that are now closed, due to landslides and blockages of varied sorts. This particular opening, described by Roerich is also indicated on these metal discs within the tomb, thus crediting him with a sound theory. There are, at present, an abundance of existing tunnels in South America, Yucatan, the deserts of Egypt, and in the limestone vaults below northern Russia, India, Indo China, many regions of the United States and throughout the whole of the African continent.

Such tunnels, as are described by the Mayans and the Agarthians, are in effect breathing tubes for the inner caverns, with access to and from the varied surfaces throughout the world. The number of openings are guided by the size of the cavern and the area covered by an inner civilization, thus proving that South America features more openings (other than direct passages) due to the main stem of caverns. Many of the tunnels that have been found are remnants of the Atlantean Age, and the Atlanteans who originally colonized in the mountain regions of South America and the valleys of Yucatan.

For all details concerning life below this surface, I refer you to this author's book 'The Incredible Cities of Inner Earth," which is based on an actual expedition into our earth's abyss of a distance of three hundred twenty miles. This privately sponsored expedition did find inner complexes and sustaining life not similar to ours of the surface.



The Pyramid of Gizeh is but one that stands alone as a structure of prophecy but is not the only existing pyramid on the face of this earth. ln reality, there are many dozens of pyramids throughout Asia and in scattered parts of Europe, in South America, amidst our famed Bermuda Triangle, in the areas of Yucatan, Mexico and at locations yet to be discovered. Of these hundreds that are frequently seen around the world, only six actually match the size of Gizeh. Of these magnificent seven, one you know of is positioned at the gateway of the Western Egyptian Desert of the Libyan Plains - of the Sahara - known as Gizeh. The second is indicated to be in the Kunlua Shar Mountains, near Cherchem, in the country of China, known as the Chorkhlik area. (This is more confirmed in the last years when this Chinese society has opened up more for foreigner researchers. R..anm.) The third pyramid is underground (its peak is 100 feet below sea level) at Easter Island, approximately 2,000 miles due west of Saltoc, Argentina. The fourth is midway in the Bermuda Triangle, buried to a depth of nearly 400 feet at the level of its top. The fifth lies in Mexico at the northeast point of the Yucatan Peninsula. The sixth is indicated in the area of South America near Lihado Bananal, Brazil. (also stated by Semjase R..remark.) This location also carries a marking that indicates a descending tunnel of approximately 65 degrees to depths actually unknown, but the passage ends at the edge of one of the larger inner caverns of earth. A remarkable thing occurs when you draw lines to and from these destinations, for after a little juggling, all lines eventually form giant triangles - or global pyramids.

Each of these seven pyramids have one common bond, in that they are (or were) interconnected below the earth's surface - in the form of what was referred to as "trans-tubes" or "light vehicles" (light meaning their power source.) This vast and complex network of undersurface tunnels is unlike any engineering feat we are capable of designing or even comprehending. We are talking of the original network having had an excess of 300,000 miles, where as now its vastness has been reduced to a mere 32,000 miles, due to underground and surface quakes, flooding and varied land shifts, that would virtually destroy many areas of these inner earth tunnels. These tunnels were built in many stages over several civilizations - and they had a definite purpose.

From all indications, these tunnels are not of the size you would normally imagine, nor could they be compared with our city-to-city underwriter crossings. These are relatively small and it is a fair estimate to assume they are no more than six foot in diameter and are only semi-round, meaning the bottom to have a flat surface. They are perfectly straight with only a few slowly angled curves to help change the course of direction. Within this network, there are markings for 77 stations, or "portal exits," and one was indicated at the tomb below the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. The semi-crude drawings show only two horizontal markings -one for each side of the tube tunnel, below midway of the sides. It is our assumption these markings are relative to their power source, which was already recorded as "liquid light." If liquid light is their source of power for these trans-tubes, such a technology had to come from those beyond our solar system - in view of the fact that most spacecraft are powered with the same liquid energy. With the use of a liquid light energy source, these tunnel vehicles would be capable of speeds in excess of 1500 miles per hour and with direct routing under the surface, time would not be a major factor to travel from Cairo to the Plains of South America. In short, such a small jaunt could be accomplished within a two-hour range.

These inner trans-tubes were apparently designed only for the immediate transportation from pyramid to pyramid and the remaining seventy portals around the world. This means that according to their size, they were not designed to carry freight of excessive baggage. They were not meant to transport slaves, run messages or used for mere thrill rides. The diameter of these vehicles were not more than 4 1/2 feet of its overall measurement, thus allowing enough free air space on all sides at these tremendous speeds. One thing is not clear however. We do not know whether these vehicles ran on some sort of a rail or if it remained suspended above the flat surface of the tunnel bottom. (something similar was told from a direct contact to all-people-like civilization  - that an English family had in the to 70ths - see ex. THE JANOS PEOPLE. They had built underground "caves" where special crafts run in high speeds - obvious carried on a magnetic field with small clearance to the tubewalls. R..anm.)

The headquarters of the High Priests who may still operate these trans-tubes come from one of the many well-hidden caverns far below our surface - from a city they call 'Ty-ne Abilah," which in translation means - city of eternal light. From those crude maps, it should be located in the outer mantle with its entrance close to the South American Continent. Although there is no substantiation of this fact, it is assumed that these priests are the last of the Mayan race and are the innkeepers of the records and the trans continental transportation system. It is also a belief, as long as we are theorizing, that the Mayans control the secret tomb, update its recordings and care for its maintenance. Their full purpose is of course, not registered on these metal discs - and for obvious reasons. Once again in its theory form, belief has it that these priests are also responsible for many disappearances of our scientists and others of an esteem background. Among those who have disappeared rather suddenly and of mysterious circumstances are as follows:

Nathan Doubleday, a scientist who had perfected a modern day Force Field. His disappearance occurred after he had entered one of the smaller caves in the northeast portion of Yucatan on April 19, 1937. Doubleday was renowned in his specific field of magnetism and experiments led him to Yucatan in search of special metals deep within the crust's caverns. He was never found since that day and all searches revealed no trace of a human body in that limited area of that one cavern.

Another such person was Albert Newell, a noted scientist in the field of telekinesis, who had devoted nearly twenty years to these technologies and had achieved a major breakthrough. Newell left Chicago on May 3rd to journey to the Yucatan area and divulge portions of his findings with a fellow scientist who had accomplished sufficient power in this same realm of thought projection. Both men were last seen traveling northeast from the Yucatan border on July 2nd. Their car vanished without a trace and neither were heard of since that date and time. It is the Yucatan area where residents of the inner earth can be found - emerging and disappearing, leaving everyone to more mysterious wonderment.

These are but two of many who have faded into the heavy midst of that questionable countryside, never leaving the slightest clue beyond the point where they were last seen

more: Ancient cities under the sands of Giza


Are there any tunnels under the Pyramids?

There is a tunnel under Giza. No one knows when it was constructed or how.

How about spacecraft or anything else like that?

An expedition was mounted as a result of data gathered back in the 1920's and 1930's about a secret chamber under the pyramid. They built equipment in later years and went in down into the pyramid and found this metal door 500 feet below the base of the pyramid. They found other doors. The doors used a sonic code. They found a room with over 30,000 recording disks and alien equipment. They made photos of the disks with IR film. The Egyptian government wouldn't allow them to take any out. The disks were deciphered. They described the rise and fall of civilizations in outer space going back more than 100,000 years. This group built this record room and then built the pyramid over it. There was no UFO, but a lot of equipment was stored on three levels. They photographed over 2,700 record disks. According to an Air Force contact, these disks are sitting in a safe at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. They don't want the public to know the information.

this last was TAKEN FROM SITE