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The purpose of our Earth, and our relation with the Pleiadians, et al.

I found an interesting excerpt in the book "UFO Contact from the Pleiades" (which I found quite inspiring) that I would like to share as an explanation for the big picture of us Earthlings, our relation with the aliens who visit us, and the universe surrounding us:

"Three years ago when I was examining the possibilities of the Pleiadian story, I came across the work of the Laboratoire de Recherche A. Kranninem of Bruxelles, a think tank, who had spent years in exhaustive study of the origin of UFO's. I combined essential parts of this study with observed data in two very specific UFO cases, in an unpublished manuscript entitled, "An Origin For UFOs".

"This study demonstrated quite conclusively that SPACE IS THE NATURAL HABITAT OF EVOLVED INTELLIGENT LIFE, that events in the life cycles of solar systems and their planets are such that the hospitable life-bearing stage of a planet is comparatively short, and that the intelligent creatures developed must produce a technology and eventually leave the planet if they are to survive. Once this step is mastered they live in huge "mother-ships", artificial worlds, of their own creation perfectly adapted to their own need and constantly maintained and perfected by them. In their artificial environment they con control all elements of atmospheric condition, nourishment, disease, radiation, exposure, etc., and succeed in prolonging their physical livess substantially. They produce all that they need by condensation of the matter of space.

"The artificial worlds are entirely self-sufficient and depend on no other planet or physical body for support. They are maintained and cruise space indefinitely. The life aboard these huge ships is almost ideal, and they experience little of the social and economic pressures of a growing society.

"In this sense a planet may be likened to an incubator -- a nest where humanity is born and evolves to early maturity and then leaves the nest, never to return. To return would amount to a step backwards and is no more likely than an adult bird returning to its nest or birth. Who wants to take any completed steps all over again?

"These mature adults then spend a considerable amount of their time examining and studying yoounger societies still on their worlds, taking part in active prepatation of other planets for life, and in seeding and nurturing such life when the planet is ready.

"Now this sounds very much like the story told to Eduard Meier by the Pleiadian cosmonauts, and I have verified that Meier knows nothing of the think tank research, and they know nothing of him, or at least they did not at the time I was in contact with them."

Hey, I get it! Our collective Earth race is a macrocosmic example of a child learning and still living under the protection of their mother. Hey Pleiadians and all you other aliens out there that have been working with us Earthlings so patiently and compassionately in our collective youth: Even if it may not seem like it, trust that in spite of our times of war and corruption, that slowly we of Earth are learning the ways of love, and will eventually advance into maturity, spiritually and well as technologically, so we may in harmony and peace consciously work with you all in the furthering of our divine Creation!

What do these aliens want from us anyway?

Satsang with Dr. Earlyne - An Answer to End the Confusion

Q: I've read many articles and listened to many tapes wherein it was stated the ET's having bald heads, small bodies and big eyes are dangerous, destructive and intend to enslave and manipulate humans. Would you please comment on this issue as I'm very confused as to what to believe.

A: I keep receiving letters about this very subject. I've answered this same question before in a previous Satsang but many must still be confused. I repeat:

At one of my Fire Initiation ceremonies I told the audience that the aliens are an Angelic race. But, they come from different planets and we are their offspring. They came to Earth many years ago and they created the Homosapiens by mating with Earthians. The mating almost wiped out the Neanderthal race. Everything the ET's have done has been for our good.

The aliens called the "Grays" have frightened so many people. These Grays are humanized robots. The Master aliens have taken the robot and implanted enough intelligence and human parts into the brain and body of the robot that it has been partially humanized. They have programmed the robot to fly spaceships. Flying by remote control from the mother ship, they man the spaceships.

Some speakers keep telling people these Grays plan to come swarming in and enslave us. This simply isn't true. They've been flying spaceships in our skies since 1947. Couldn't they already have done it? Please don't be afraid. They are planning to do no such thing. They are abducting some people, true. But they have a pure motive. They are taking the sperm of the Earthian male and the ovum of the female. They impregnate a female Earthian with the sperm of a male alien. Then in the midst of the pregnancy they remove the child from the uterus. I've written about this in one of my books. They are bringing about hybrid children for the purpose of creating a superior race to help save the planet. They want there to be born among us children like Nikola Tesla. They are coming into our midst with a mother here and a father on a distant planet or a father here and a mother there in space.

When the real aliens make themselves known and seen - the magnificent beings who manipulate the humanized robots, the grays - we will see an entirely different approach to the aliens. So pray and don't be afraid. You are an Astarian!! The only thing that can really save us and our planet is to have these advanced souls coming among us. So be grateful they are here. Be grateful for the abductions which result in a higher type of child. How wonderful it would be to have a few thousand souls like Nikola Tesla here to change the world. Perhaps they could force our government to allow a new type of energy to manifest - solar energy for instance. Cars that operate on water instead of gasoline - so many things they can and will do. Pray for the day the real aliens make themselves known. It will be like a Second Coming - forerunners of the return of J----!

- Dr. Earlyne

Our History with the Pleiadians

The story begins when we first entered this third dimensional universe through the stargate in the belt of Orion. Various solar systems (including the Orion system itself) were inhabited by various races. The main race we are concerned with here is one that inhabited the planet system at Lyra, and are presently known by us as the Lyrians.

With much effort, the Lyrians developed technology and space travel. However, this being early on in the development of our galaxy, they were still rather primitive as far as spiritual wisdom goes, and therefore would often fall into conflicts among themselves, just as we on Earth have done in our own history. The Lyrians eventually divided into two groups: those who felt that they should expand militarily and control as much of the universe as possible, and those who desired peace and non-interference.

The peace desiring Lyrians eventually left their planet in search of a different place to settle where there would be no more war (leaving the original Lyrians to fight among themselves). They searched until they found an amazingly fertile and uninhabited planet, our Earth. They settled Earth (after editing their genetic coding so that they could live in our atmosphere), and redeveloped their technology. This means that Earth humanity's ultimate ancestors are the Lyrians.

Run away from your problems, and they will follow you until you deal with them. Unfortunately, the Lyrian-Earthlings hadn't really eliminated their violent tendencies, and soon fell into fighting among themselves. Once again, there was a split in the race, and a group of them emigrated again, leaving to search for another planet, where they could really get it right this time, and no longer have conflict. So this group searched and found a new star system which had been formed relatively recently, the Pleiades, and settled the various planets there. Note that this means that we of Earth are technically the ancestors of the Pleiadians, and not the other way around. The colonization of new worlds can explain how we and the Pleiadians can look almost identical, and also how an advanced race can live in a star system which is relatively new.

These early Pleiadians by now were emotionally messed up, having had to evacuate their previous home planets twice previously. They realized that unless they did something different, they would just fall into conflict again. Therefore, they turned inward, meditating a great deal and experiencing their inner worlds, starting their spiritual path. Again, with effort, they redeveloped technology, but they kept to themselves, and did not fly around the universe. Soon they were living in such an inner Piscean world, that they began to lose touch with reality, and had escaped from and became unaware of external things happening elsewhere in the galaxy.

This was still long ago, and the majority of the galaxy was still in a spiritually unenlightened state. The other two races, the Earthians and the original Lryians, were still fighting among themselves (and therefore kept on destroying their technological efforts, falling behind the Pleiadians.) However, there was a completely different race, the Empire of Orion, which was able to grow and gain great power. This empire had the aim of taking over the galaxy, and were advancing all over conquering race upon planet. A great galactic war ensued which was basically the Orions and their henchmen vs. everybody else. The "everybody else" formed the first confederations among different planetary races (and it was among these confederations, that long ago plans for our Earth eventually being a great galactic library were formed). Our Pleiadians, however, with their heads in the sand, didn't even know that there was a war going on all around them.

Eventually the Pleiadians woke up to what was going on, and needless to say were quite distressed. They has supressed the violent instincts within their subconscious all the way from Lyra, and it wasn't until now they proceeded to take action. Confronted everywhere with the conflict that they abhored, they completely threw themselves into the fight against the advance of the Orions, trying to defeat the Orions externally, although one could say that in fact they were fighting against their own internal feelings.

The Orions didn't like this new enemy and fought back against the Pleiadians. The turning point in the story was when the Orions destroyed one of the beautiful planets of life in the Pleiades. (This burned out lifeless planet today still lies in the Pleiadian system as a reminder to them of their past; although we shouldn't be too hard on them, after all in our solar system we not only demolished but completely broke apart the planet that used to lie between Mars and Jupiter, remaining as reminder to us as the asteroid belt, although that's another story.)

The Pleiadians, having now awakened to their own denials, pretty much had two choices as to how to proceed. They could overcome their past by learning about the Orion system, their "enemy". Some actually chose to incarnate with this group, although needless to say, once one got in, it was a much more difficult task to obtain spiritual liberation, although those who were able to do so would obtain a vast amount of knowledge and experience of how the universe really works.

The second route that the Pleiadians who stayed with their own solar system took, is the one that concerns we of Earth the most. Now the Orions' imperial conquests were stopped by the combined efforts of everyone else, and peace was restored. The defensive groups that had been formed evolved into the Intergalactic Confederations and the Brotherhoods in existence today, just as our own United Nations evolved out of the aftermath of World War II (And as for how Orion itself has evolved since then is another story.) The Pleiadians were told that they would have to be in touch with a young evolving civilization, until that growing civilization reached spiritual maturity. It was in this way that the Pleiadians hoped to get in touch with their own negativity, and truly achieve full maturity in their own right. The civilization that the Pleiadians monitored was, of course, our Earth, their earlier home.

These events were still thousands of years in the past, and they marked the beginning of the Pleiadian involvement with our early Earth civilization. They landed among us in their ships and helped bring more order and distribute wisdom to those barbaric times. This is why the Pleiades appear so often in ancient art and in the alignment of various structures of old civilizations. However, as the Pleiadians say, we have all at one time abused power, in that it's all part of the full three dimensional experience. At this time, the Pleiadians weren't completely free themselves from the lure of power. Also, as less evolved civilizations tend to do, we of Earth began treating the Pleiadians as gods, and some of them obliged, taking pride in their lofty status with us.

Meanwhile, it had been decided long ago that Earth would have a special role in the galaxy, and was going to play the role of something like a great galactic library where all the races could share and store their wisdom. (And some of the earlier fights over this "prime piece of real estate" can explain how the Pleiadians are ahead of us even though they originally emigrated from Earth.) Anyway, as we of Earth began to evolve, the many, many other already evolved races in the galaxy started taking an interest in Earth, too, and started their own analysis and landings. The Pleiadian "gods" didn't like this intrusion, and for a while were even jealous of the presence of the other systems. The Pleiadians did come face to face with their own negativity, although not in the way that they expected!

In the years that have passed since this last of many learning experiences for the Pleiadians, they (along with the Lyrians and many of the other races) have evolved well beyond that stage of wars or abusing power. The Pleiadians are a relatively advanced race and have even helped out their old ancestors, the Lyrians, with certain things. They are still evolving themselves - they have admitted that to us - although as we of Earth mature, our Pleiadian siblings are taking an increasingly active involvement with us. The Intergalactic Confederations from long ago have since perfectly evolved into part of the Great White Brotherhood, the Ashtar Command. (Note that other alien races have played and will be playing major roles in our past and future; for example the Zeta Reticulans have an important [positive] place in our future, but that is another story.) One goal of these great Confederations, of which the Pleiadians are a member, is to help protect us (although still maintaining the policy of non-interference) from some of the less mature alien races that are still out there (although today such races are rather rare) until we can develop to a point where we can protect ourselves. And unless we destroy ourselves first, there will come a point where we can talk to our aliens directly, and become a member of the Confederations ourselves. That time may not be as far away as we think...

A perspective on the topic of "good" and "evil" extraterrestrials.

The subject of "good" vs. "bad" extraterrestrial civilizations has come up often lately, and I felt I would share this information with those who are interested in knowing the possibilities of our interactions with other worlds. I took the excerpts below from "Bashar: Blueprint for Change - A Message from Our Future", by Darryl Anka and Luana Ewing. The book is "channeled" from an extraterrestrial by the name of Bashar, although don't let that label add to or take away from the content of the message. Bashar comes from our "future", or rather from a loving alien society that we will soon be very similar to. This is a truly amazing book with all kinds of wisdom, hope, and accurate information. There is lots more I can say from this source, but for now, here is a question and answer session about the topic at hand: (Loving thanks to you-know-who-you-are for loaning the book to me!)


Q: What about a planet with a life system that has developed with a war-like mentality, one that can enter this part of our galaxy with intentions on conquering? Will that likely happen, Bashar?

Understand that individuals with that intention do not really get very far. The idea is also that your energy as a world now has changed sufficiently so that even if there should be another civilization close at hand with intention of conquering and dominating, they would be hard pressed to even find you now. For your vibration is a little bit too different from any society that might actually will to push themselves into space with war-like intentions of coming here to take over.

Now, the idea is also that traveling in space is actually traveling within. And true, space travel is not the idea of what your technology is right now, where in a sense you are sliding around on the surface of space. When you understand how to breach the barriers of space and time itself, you will discover it requires a very highly integrated attitude, and a highly integrated attitude makes it very unlikely you will ever be of a war-like nature, and in fact you would not get very far if you were. For even if you were to make the attempt, you would most likely find yourselves dispersed at the other end....

The idea of war-like planets in conquering modes can and have happened, but they are usually relegated to certain levels of dimensionality. Many times that means they actually have to be in physical proximity to each other, and in our perception, not on any level is there a race of such a nature within hundreds of light years of your world. For the idea is this: now that your vibration is changing into a modality they would not even begin to be able to understand, they probably would not find you even if they looked. So in a sense, that makes you the most war-like planet around... and we have no fear of you. Therefore, in actual fact, if there were going to be any concern at all, it would probably be from our end, not yours.

Q: But aren't there wars between other planets?

If we might draw an analogy to what many of you have assumed must exist elsewhere in the universe, simply because it exists upon your planet....

In a sense, there are other places, and have been interactions throughout the different galaxies, that might loosely amount to what you call warfare. There have been many variations of this theme on many different worlds from time to time. You are not unique in that. But the idea many of you have perceived, which has to do with alien consciousness that may have negative intentions toward other worlds: this particular negative intention does not always manifest itself in the absolute format you would recognize as warfare.

For recognize, in many ways warfare is quite improbable in terms of galactic and stellar distances. There is rarely any need for such an idea, since there is always more than enough room for expansion, and therefore more than enough room for different ideologies. Every civilization is a different reality in many ways, and generally speaking one reality is usually experienced only by one civilization until they make agreements to share common frequencies, common wave lengths between different worlds - which then allows them to interact in various ways.

But if they do not make that agreement, then chances are they will rarely encounter other civilizations if they are not of a mind to interact with those other civilizations in mutually beneficial ways... unless they wish to lure themselves to civilizations that as a whole are choosing to function as victims, and draw to themselves - out of their fears, out of their doubts - the idea of a conquering civilization. However, even this notion is usually not able to be played out in your typical fashion of warfare and domination. For, as we said earlier, the stellar distances make this very improbable.

Do recognize also that although it may seem symbolically like planets are being conquered, none can be conquered if they do not vibrate to the idea that they can be. And thus you will find that the so-called best safeguard to the idea is to simply know you are not of that vibration, that idea. And they, not being of the same reality, will never find you. If they should come to what represents - to them - your planet, it will not - to them - seem to be at all inhabited.

So the idea, more often than not, of what could be considered a conquering race, and a conquered race - to use the terms loosely - would be simply the willingness of the conquered to give up their power completely to the conqueror, to allow their lives to be run by someone else, and to have all their power removed and all the responsibility for the creation of their lives taken from them. But not taken without their consent, for it cannot happen without that consent.

Thus the type of warfare that has occurred in this sense has simply been one of a people succumbing to an idea and allowing themselves to fall in line, to fall under the domination and the auspices of another civilization successfully using the idea of seduction to lure that civilization under their banner. The "conquering" civilization then is able to increase its numbers and increase its strength very literally by talking the other civilization into allowing themselves to be dominated. They can do this by taking responsibility for their needs, by pretending to take care of those needs, and by removing from them in the process all of their ability to know and believe they can create their own lives as they choose them to be.

This is the type of warfare that is more common. Is is a mental idea, a psychic idea, in that sense. But even that, in our experience, is a relatively uncommon thing. For not that many civilizations we have encountered are that willing to forget who and what they are to the degree where they would attract such a liaison with another civilization that would even want that type of dominion over other worlds. Both of these ideas are relatively rare in our experience.

All the ideas of what you now represent to be war-like projections into space are, for the most part, in your long distant past. Do understand something: though we are not saying the scenario that has been painted in literal terms is actually literal, the idea of your science fiction stories - particularly the one you call Star Wars - did carry with it one of the strongest insights of all, and that is that you were told it was a long time ago. For indeed it no longer has anything really to do with your present. At least not, as you say, in your neck of the woods! It is a representation of the old cycle of negativity, and a connection to many other star systems through which you have come. It was simply applied to a future format.

Q: Bashar, my understanding is that some of those space beings, such as those connected to the dark side of Orion, are hostile to Earth and Earthlings.

We will discuss this idea with you if you will first understand that the idea of any consciousness which could be said to be negatively oriented can only form connections with individuals who believe that those supposedly negative individuals have the power to force connections of that nature upon them. In other words, only your fear and concern that they may have that type of power will actually give them the power necessary to form a link with anyone in your civilization. Otherwise just recognize that there are many so-called negative individuals and negative consciousness in many other worlds, just as there are many negatively oriented individuals on your own planet.

It does not mean that they must interact with you. And if you are willing to be the vibration, the frequency, and the attitude of the perspective of the reality you choose to be, then they will not be able to intercept your reality. Recognize that the primary idea of negativity is not specifically isolated to the constellation you refer to as Orion; it does involve many other systems throughout the local galaxy.

As we have said, many of the individuals on your planet now are literally reincarnated Orions, and they have formed a connection to that origin point, so to speak, reincarnating upon Earth to allow themselves to learn the balance point of the positive and negative polarities so that they can create only positive manifestation in their lives. They can switch themselves to a frequency that is out of reach of the former negativity that was inherent in the original parent systems of the Orion area.

You will find that time and space being what they are, and all things being simultaneous, some of these original Orion negative consciousnesses still have the ability to be picked up on be whichever individuals on your planet may still choose to function along the same old style frequency - time and space not being a barrier to the idea of telepathic contact on any level.

However, it is also important to recognize that many of the individuals of the Orion influence, or "persuasion," have been, and are now, allowing themselves to crystallize into a very balanced idea of polarity. In the original home systems that energy in turn has allowed them to now be the creation and existence of light as well as negativity.

Therefore, it would be our advice and our suggestion to you that you simply do not focus on the idea that there are negative beings who exist in the universe - other than those who exist on your own planet - that could perhaps interact with you against your will, and focus on the reality you choose to be. Then, by the fact that you will be on a different frequency, this will place you completely beyond the reach of anyone who is not on the same loving frequency.

Q: Well then, how do we stop wars and have a peaceful planet?

Please understand that if you believe in peace, then you do not have to hate war. YOU DO NOT GET PEACE BY HATING WAR; YOU GET PEACE BY LOVING PEACE. Hate only reinforces the things you say you do not prefer, because that's what you are focusing on. Be peace; live peace. Breathe peace; Share peace. Love, unconditional love, will transform your entire world in the twinkling of an eye. UNCONDITIONAL love for all.

A field trip on an extraterrestrial spacecraft

Haven't you ever wanted to take a trip aboard an extraterrestrial rayship into space? Well we can, here and now! This article contains a short guided meditation where the reader takes an inner visit aboard the mother ship of a loving alien race. Believe it or not, I would say this is a rather accurate rendition of what it actually is like aboard "typical" spacecraft, at least those not limited to our 3rd dimension! The passage is another excerpt from the book "Bashar: Blueprint for Change. A Message from Our Future", by Darryl Anka and Luana Ewing, which is "channeled" from an extraterrestrial named Bashar (although don't let that label add to or take away from the feeling.) For those who have been expressing interest in this book, it is 302 pages available from New Solutions Publishing; Seattle, WA; ISBN# 1-56284-113-0. The back cover of it reads as follows:


                "Bashar, are we going to blow ourselves up?"

"No!! Your civilization has already decided on a collective

 subconscious level not to do so.

  You all chose to be here in this transformational age to see that you

   do NOT replay Atlantis and destroy yourselves and your world this 

    time around.

      Around the year 1997 a spark will be ignited in your Middle 


        There will be a complete transformation in that entire 


          By your year 2027 your world will be absolutely interwoven 

           into the Galactic Association of Worlds - as an equal 


             We have no need for you to believe us. We are here to 

              assist you in believing in yourselves.

               The only time you have struggle and pain is when you 

                are trying to be someone you are not, fighting your 

                 natural flow.

                  When you remove guilt from your tool box, you will 

                   realize that nothing is too good or too simple to 

                    be true; nothing is too wondrous or too ecstatic 

                     to be yours.

                      You deserve all you can conceive of...."


And now let us take you on a field trip to the Solar Wind, our mother ship.... Close your eyes.

In your mentality have the picture of the room you have created around you, and envision each individual, all of you together, all at once, surrounded by a blue crystalline bubble of energy. This bubble is your elevator, your ship. Relax and allow yourselves now to become the devices within the ship that activate it. Leave the idea of your earthly devices and tools behind; pay attention to them no more. You are the transference point; you are the ship.

Allow yourselves to recognize that the crystalline shell is quite transparent; you can see through it and you can see the room. In whatever way works best for you, in your imagination feel and see at the same time the room around you dissolve into a gray, fog-like state. You are all now together in this ship; you are all linked and you are all breathing the same energy.

Breathe it in three times deeply and prepare yourselves. Align yourselves; assimilate yourselves; unite yourselves. Feel the connection; feel that while you are individuals, every single other individual in this craft is you! - an extension of you, an expression of you, a facet of you. You are all one, one master crystal. And this crystal, in allowing the white light of your consciousness to glow within its very core, within its very heart, now comes alight with life and light, energizing the entire crystalline craft and rising above the Earth - higher and higher into the upper atmosphere, into what you call space.

Rising, you look down below. You see out of the fog now everything clearing into brilliant space, black with white stars everywhere. You see the beautiful Earth below you, shining like the jewel that it is, in the velvet curtain of deepest space, and you send your love. You see and feel and taste and hear the love of the Earth that is supporting you, that is extending you on its arm, extending you on your journey out into space. You are riding on the crest of the wave of the heart of your planet.

Now as it offers you the jewels of space, you look up. You see suspended in space before you a long cylindrical metallic object. It is approximately a mile in length. You allow yourselves now to see an opening in the side of this metallic object, wider and wider as you approach. You enter that opening, and as it closes below you, you are surrounded by a whiteness. You may sense in that whiteness, here and there, solid or nebulous, consciousness peering at you, smiling with you, loving with you, fading in and out - out of the milky whiteness. But laughing and sharing joy all around.

Allow yourselves to know that you can now begin to explore any area in any way, any aspect of this ship you so desire. There will always be someone with you in some capacity. You will also always be connected and feel the experiences of every other person you came with.

Now you are exiting the bubble and entering the milky whiteness of the ship, exploring and breathing the new atmosphere. Feel the gentle touches and caresses of the beingness all around you. Scatter and explore; enjoy and become fascinated by what you discover. Taste, touch, hear, feel, see, marvel. Recognize that you are sharing and participating in the creation of a multitude of worlds. Experience and take to heart these experiences.

Whether or not it appears to make sense to you, allow yourselves to interpret, in whatever way you so desire, the different chambers and areas of the ship. Let yourselves have the opportunity to recognize that in a very real way you are projecting astrally a portion of your consciousness. And that you are going to be funneling that information back to your idea of your earthly selves, incorporating that information into your very molecular structure. You will be feeding this information into the atmosphere around you, and when you carry this atmosphere back to your planet Earth, you will release the information and energy on your planet - to change the very air that you breathe, to change the very energy that sustains you.

Explore to your heart's content. Feel the vibrant pulse of life and light, for it is light itself which powers the vessel, and all vessels like it. It is the very heart and soul of the movement of space and time through the central core of this ship that creates the illusion of the ship's motion through all the dimensions of reality. Now be aware of the whereabouts of each other. Gather yourselves back together into your docking bay, into the milky whiteness. Feel the caresses and the kisses that are given to you from heart to heart and soul to soul.

As you form your craft round and about you in its crystalline beauty, and the iris opens below you, allow yourselves to drift back outside the hull into space and begin your travel toward planet Earth. Recognize now, as you bid farewell, that this is not goodbye, that this experience is directly with you now and it always shall be. And as you look down through the crystalline bottom of your energy craft, you see once again the beauty of the jewel of your Earth. Recognize that it is in every way truly a new world to explore in all of its unlimited fascination and facets.

You are eager to allow the atmosphere of the new crystalline reality that you know you are participating within to burst upon contact with your Earth and allow the shards of brilliant seed-like beauty to go scattering everywhere, reflecting the beautiful light of your central star. And as you sink gently back to Earth, see your feet gently touch the ground. Send roots deep down to drink of the nourishment of the fluid of the life and light of your home world, while knowing that all worlds are your home world. Know that the life you are, the Earth you are, is the nourishment that will allow you to grow toward the light as high as you wish to go.

Know that every one of you have incorporated the information of the experience in your own way, encoded it within you, and it will release in its own fashion, after your own kind. And that much of your dream reality can become vivid and vibrant. There may be more release, more malleability, more recognition that life around you is but what you dream it to be. Allow yourselves to know that it was a real experience, and that you have projected a portion of yourselves aboard that craft.

In every way there is still, and always will be, a portion of yourselves aboard that craft that we will share, that you will share together with us. We thank you for your participation, and we will allow you to remember: ALL REUNIONS ARE SIMPLY AWAKENINGS TO THE UNION THAT ALREADY EXISTS EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHEN.


Q&A on Extraterrestrial Abductions and Visitations

Extraterrestrial abductions and visitations are an important topic in the UFO fields, mainly due to the many people that have had personal experiences of this sort. There are two main types of contactees: those that are unconsciously "abducted", often to them in a frightening experience, and those that are consciously visited by friendly aliens. Many of us would like to avoid the first kind, or desire and would enjoy having the second type. Here is a question and answer session on the topic of extraterrestrial visitations, excerpted from the book "Bashar: Blueprint for Change - A Message from Our Future", by Darryl Anka and Luana Ewing. The book is "channeled" from an extraterrestrial by the name of Bashar, although again, don't let that label add to or take away from the contents of the messages.

This article is divided into three related parts: First discussed is the abduction phenomena, from the point of view of the abductees and how they experience it. Next is a section on fear in general and how to overcome it. Finally, have you ever wanted to meet friendly extraterrestrials yourself in an open setting; ever wonder why they choose certain people to meet over others? The final section describes these types of encounters and how they can occur. I personally found these contents very enlightening, explaining many things, and I recommend it and the book in general to anyone curious about these subjects.

--- Abductions ---

Q: I've just finished reading Intruders, by Bud Hopkins, which I believe you know of - a book which talks about the encounters that several people on our planet have had with extraterrestrials - abductions, where they have been taken aboard the craft -

At this time we would suggest a replacement for that term. Rather than abductions, perhaps... "detainments."

Q: Detainments, okay. Anyway, they underwent examinations of various kinds. The account in the book indicated that there was some pain and discomfort and a lot of fear created on the part of the detainees.

Yes. Generally the fear is what creates the pain and discomfort. There usually is no real inherent pain or discomfort in the interaction - except what is caused by the fear. Part of the reasons for those interactions is to release those fears, so there will no longer be any form of fear, pain or discomfort in your lives. That is one of the reasons for those interactions. They are all being made by agreement, even though your conscious minds may not remember those agreements.

Q: Some of the pain has been physical pain, in that there have been probes placed up into the nostrils.

Yes. Some of this is physical, and some of it is not. Some of it is such a strong telepathic idea that you think it is physical.

Q: Knowing that these people have agreed to have these interactions, then since they have agreed, why are they still creating the fear? And then corollary to that: one of the detainees said, "We wouldn't really mind it if the aliens would just come out and say, 'Hey, would you be willing to do this?' And we would be. They don't have to abduct us." ... That made a lot of sense to me.

Yes. Understand, of course, that the agreements are usually unconscious; that is part of the reason. Many times, as long as the agreements are unconscious, an individual may consciously say, "Oh well, wouldn't it be nice if it were to happen this way?" But when it comes right down to it, the fear comes up anyway.

Q: Well, if the agreements are unconscious, can they not also be done consciously?

Obviously on your behalf, not yet. Otherwise there would be no fear - for fear is an indication that it cannot yet be done consciously.

Q: Yet there is this request on the part of at least one of the interiewed detainees that the aliens come out and make a conscious request.

Yes, but that is after the fact.

Q: True. Well, that I'm also doing here is suggesting that these agreements start being made on a conscious level - and perhaps you can be our ambassador -

They are doing so more and more. Do understand one very important thing: all the individuals who have been chosen - even those who seem to go through abject terror - are actually quite close to integrating the last remnants of their fears. We are choosing all those who are very close indeed to the end of having fear. So you may realize that when you see them having that much fear, if that's an indication of a small part of the total fear that your society has, just imagine if someone were to be chosen who had more fears than that!

So the individuals we are choosing are the ones, many times, who are the closest to integration, the closest to conscious recognition. And yet they still have that amount of fear.

Q: I see. Are these individuals also helping to drain off the fears of the rest of us through themselves?

Yes! They have agreed to do this for all of you. That is why they are now sharing their experiences - so you can "vicariously" go through their "ordeal" with them, get in touch with the fear left within you and integrate it. Then the next series of interactions can become more and more conscious.

Q: Do you have any final comments that you'd like to communicate to him and to his people in the book?

Only that we appreciate that he is doing what he agreed to do. And he is making a difference in the ability of your entire planet to allow your society and our respective societies to live in harmony with each other.


Q: Bashar, I've been under this dark cloud after reading a couple of books recently. One of them is a new book called Communion, by Whitley Strieber.

That initial reaction is not unusual for your society. But no need to fear. All the fear that you may experience in the idea of those interactions basically stems form that individual experiencing those interactions and allowing himself to release the fears that have been planted in his life. And also, nothing has happened in those interactions that the individual did not agree to at some point in his life - although granted it is on an unconscious level. Everything is done by agreement - everything!

Those extraterrestrials were assisting that individual in releasing much of that fear. Thus at the time he is very much aware of what the purpose of that idea was. I'm not saying he has come to terms with all of his fears, but he understands that the fear he felt was basically from himself, not from them.

Now, those beings have interacted with many beings on your world. One of their primary function, per the agreements they have made with many of you, is to assist you in releasing your fear. It may be a very fearful process while you go through it, but you agreed to experience it. You know that you are doing. All you need to do, if you find yourself in that interaction, is to trust that you know what you are doing. The more trust and love you have, the less you will feel the interaction in a format of fear. That's all it takes.

Remember, a higher vibratory state exposing itself to a lower vibratory state will raise the vibration of the lower being to force it to face many things it has not been willing to face within itself, and that is what the being is terrified of. But that being is dealing with it, integrating the fear and transforming it into positive understanding. That has been one of the purposes for those interactions, because it was understood that that being, that author, would communicate his experiences, allowing other individuals to come to terms with their own fears, so that by the next wave of interactions there would be less fear to integrate.

Q: I understand that, but my reaction was that the book might be scaring more people than it is uplifting.
That's all right, because it will still allow them to face certain ideas, to come to terms with them. And again, these things are done with agreements, do not forget. Your entire planet on one level is agreeing to this particular type of teaching. it doesn't have to happen that way; it's completely up to your world as to whether or not it will wake up or be shaken awake.
Q: Well, I think that the book has perhaps disadvanced the progression, because it's sort of creating the opposite effect of, for instance, your teachings.
No. I understand what you are saying, but there are many individuals who cannot relate to the idea in any other way. Therefore, they have been given the tools that will work best for them. True, it isn't for everyone, but it will hit those who need it. And do not necessarily view it is a disvalue, because then you will reinforce the inability of certain people to absorb it. Know that it will evolve where it needs to. It has already awakened many.
Q: How does it serve the extraterrestrials to contact us in what appears to be frightening ways - at least to our conscious minds?
Understand that different individuals in different cultures have different methods; different cultures think and perceive in different ways. The intention is always there to be felt for what it is, and the Zeta's intentions can always be sensed to be loving in an overall way. The methodology through which those intentions are expressed, however, can and do seem alien to you. Their thought patterns are alien to yours, and so there is that fear, that dichotomy, that often crops up in your society when you see something that is extremely different from you.

It is not so much that they have an absolute desire to approach you in specific methods that will generate fear. It is just that because of your methods, their natural methods do in fact generate it. They are not necessarily about to alter their entire psychological structure to accomodate you beyond a certain point. They know you can handle it, and they know you have agreed to learn how to handle it. Learning to do so is one part of the agreement, a part about which many of you are not aware.

Q: Yes, I can see that, because there's a point in the book at which he says to one of them, "You have no right." And she says, "Yes we do."
Yes. The right was granted by the agreement that was made. Many individuals on your planet do wish that contact with us and other civilizations. These Reticulum beings are primarily doing the job of acclimatizing many individuals on your world in ways that are buffered. Even though the individuals may experience many degrees of fear, it is actually a far smoother transition than they would have experienced had the alien beings simply come to them straight out first time full blown.

Bit by bit these individuals have been contacted over long periods of their lives, many times from when they were children. And bit by bit they are allowed to remember more and more of the interaction until they get to a point where they realize there is nothing to fear. They can handle it, and then the contact can occur more openly and more obviously.

Q: I thought it was very significant that every person to whom Strieber talked who had had a similar experience - even though some of them were still frightened, and didn't know if they were going crazy, or if it was their imagination or what - still in spite of all that, they felt love and affection.
Yes. At this point in their lives. To put it simply: the aliens are acting within their integrity to the best of their ability, but they are not responsible for the way you have created your society to be, and the reactions that you often have. You have made the agreement; they are fulfilling the agreement. They are doing it in the way that is easiest for you.

As we have said, when you encounter those beings, for the first time in your conscious life perhaps, you will actually get a reflection on how powerful you are. And fear that might come from that is merely a reaction to the belief that you cannot possible contain that much power. And therefore, "It isn't coming from you, and so it might destroy you." But it can't. It is an absolute reflection of you - and that is what you are learning.

--- Overcoming Fear ---

Q: So how do you stop letting fear control you and take over your life?
Know it is your friend. It is giving you a messages. "Tap, tap. Look here! Here's a part of yourself you didn't know existed: I'm bringing it to your attention. Isn't that wonderful? Now that you are aware of it, you can integrate it into the rest of you and be more of who you are. Haven't I done you a wonderful service?"

"No?!? What do you mean you didn't want to see that part of yourself? I thought you wanted to see everything there was to see, experience every facet of the multidimensional existence that you are. Do you not want to integrate it in yourself so that you can accelerate? ... You're not sure? Well, all right. I'll hang around until you are sure, until you allow me to deliver the message. Of course, as long as I hang around, you might as well feed me, pay for my meals, allow me to grow and become a live-in. I'll get stronger and stronger and nag you constantly until you allow me to deliver my message so I can get out of here."

That is the only reason fear is there - because you do not allow it to deliver the message it brings; because you attempt to reject the message, thinking it is something not worth having.

Q: Well, if fear is delivering a message, I don't always know what the message is. I would rather have the message than the fear.
Well now, I am not saying this is something that carries any more power than you do, but many of you have put much stock in the belief of habits. And so because you believe things can happen in your lives habitually, as second nature, without even knowing you are doing it, then many times you do not even realize you are rejecting the message coming from the fear, and doing so before you can even think about it. You do not pay attention quickly enough.

Therefore, it is a matter of allowing yourselves to know that the messages are there, that you can hear them. Even allowing yourselves to be fascinated by the fact that the fear might be beinging a message can curtail or dull the negativity - just because you might be fascinated enough to say, "Well, what is the message?" The minute you become curious, no more fear.

Q: Could you give me an example of what kind of message a fear would bring?
Well, one such as this: you are walking down one of your streets. Someone walks up to you, and all of the sudden you are fearful. "What do they want? What do they want? Why are they bothering me? I do not want to be accosted. Are they going to rob me? What do they want?"

"Excuse me, do you have the time?" "Oh! Well, yes." "Thank you very much. Good bye." "Why was I so fearful? Why was I so automatically fearful without knowing anything at all?" Assumptions and structures that you build. Habits that you believe in. The message is there that lets you know that reaction shows you the beliefs you have within you, structures within you that you may not prefer.

That may be the message. If you do not prefer to live that way, then you have now allowed yourselves to let the fear show you these beliefs are within you. Now you can change them. That is one way you can allow fear to deliver a message.

Q: Yes. Of course, there is a situation where a guy does have a gun under his coat -
Yes. So?
Q: Fear is really telling you to get out of there!
All right now, once again: understand that the situation can occur that way, but it also does not have to. The idea of knowing your reality, and knowing it without fear, can give you the cognition that the event is there. But you know it will not affect you in any negative way. Cognition of a situation does not have to create fear.
Q: True. But what I'm saying is that sometimes the sensation of a fear comes up, and I go, "Well, look at that. That's neat." And I find that I'm able not to feel fearful because I'm in the moment, and I know that there will be a positive outcome. So, if that does occur, then what is the message? Or have I just made the message unnecessary?
Yes. The minute you begin to become curious, you have gotten the message. The idea of many of the fears is to simply spur your curiosity to begin exploring that facet of yourself. That is all. It is a gentle reminder. And the more you are willing to explore, the gentler the nudges become, until you just do not experience that fear anymore. Again, it is simply the idea of little bits and pieces of beliefs and remnants. That is all. Little twinges of old habits. But as soon as you acknowledge that it is something worth exploring... no more habit.

Q: So in the case where the guy does come up and he's got a gun, and his initial intention was to rob you or whatever, you will experience the fear and say, "Okay, I can just view this as a positive thing." That will flip us into a dimension where we co-create -
It can happen that way. It can also allow you to not come anywhere near that individual, and vice versa.
Q: Well, I'm saying he's two feet in front of me -
But understand: you are missing the point. Not that it cannot switch in the middle of the idea. but generally speaking, you do not usually need to have that particular type of scenario to know that if you create your reality in a certain vibration, you will never meet that robber at all. He will take one street, and you will take another. You will not have to come down the the idea of the confrontation at all... although that may be one way individuals may find an exciting way to come to terms with what they believe in the moment. It is certainly valid if they create it, and it has happened.
Q: Well, it sounds like what you're saying is that in the case of my going down a street other than the one he goes down, I've already dealt with my fears.
Yes, that is the point. If you are using the situation to allow the fear to be there in order to deal with it, then yes, you can transform the situation right in the middle. Therefore recognize that if that is what you are willing to do, then the individual you have attracted is someone willing to change with you. And so in a sense it has already been changed.

--- Initiating Visitations ---

Q: In contacting ships, in some contexts people have gone aboard and gone on flights, hanging out physically with ETs. In what context can I do that?
In the context of the fullness of the agreement of your timing. Go and do what excites you.
Q: As I do that, and am running around the desert in search of -
Do not wait for it.
Q: I don't. I'm wondering if there is some shift necessary, some timing? Or is there some agreement that can be made? Can I just check on when is the next available flight - ?
You have already made the agreement. You will fulfill the appropriate timing by continuing to do what represents who you are. That is what will take you most quickly into any timed agreement: be the person you need to be. That agreement will be met.
Q: Is there some other way I can get an advanced glimpse of the schedule?
Certain areas on your planet that attract you - do you physically go there?
Q: Not as often as I'd like. There are a couple of places -
Bye-bye.... In other words, if that is what you are all about, then act upon the impulse. Place yourself in the locations carrying the highest degree of conductivity for those types of blendings. There are many, many places around your planet that we have visited, and visit all the time. You may simply go to where you are attracted. But again, recognize that you do not necessarily have to go very far. Generally speaking, however, it is usually more conducive to see our ships if you are not in a large city.

What we are saying is that we recognize many of you have ascribed to us abilities that in many ways we do not have - in the sense of being able to just pop in, pop out, anywhere any time. We also follow the natural lines of flow of timing and the electromagnetic field of the universal reality. And therefore sometimes even when you might be ready, the timing on our side does not match the fullness of the agreement.

Q: Is there some way to find out what that timing would be that does work in conjunction with your agreement?
Sometimes in meditation it can come to you. But always in the exploration of the things that mean the most to you in physical life, and in the action on those endeavors you will have whatever type of recognition of the timing you need. But do realize that usually you think you're ready when you really are not. Trust that when you really are ready, nothing in the universe will stop it.
Q: Great. Thank you. Bashar, I wouldn't mind being abducted and temporarily detained on a space ship. What do you think would be the best way to do that?
By not giving it a second thought. By going about your business, living your life to the fullest, and being the person you really desire to be. By not needing to do that. Many of the ideas of these so-called interactions - it is not that they cannot occur, but only that many times they will not occur because you are requesting it in the context that you will not be complete unless it happens. And therefore we will not show up and reinforce your sense of incompleteness.

Not that we will guarantee anything, for the timing is always going to be dependent upon the individual, but if you still have a penchant for a contact, simply be somewhere alone. Then your chances are greatly increased. But do also understand: all of you have been aboard ships in your dream states. All of you.

Q: Yeah, I remember dreams of doing that, but I want to do it in my physical body.
As soon as the dream state and the physical body are not considered different, you will be. Do not need it to be different; do not need it out of desperation. Live your life; all things are happening according to perfect timing, and according to agreements that serve the best of all concerned. And relax. Many times - and this may surprise some of you who are so eager to meet us, as you say, in the flesh - we have heard many of you express the same desire: "I'm really ready; I'm ready to meet you now - really. I'll meet you down at the corner in, oh, half an hour."

We are very aware of all the levels of your consciousness that are involved in the need to focus on us, and to focus on yourselves. But when you have expressed the idea of your readiness, finding yourselves in a remote location, and finding the energy changing and you are very aware of exactly what is happening - that we are coming closer to you in vibration, and are in many ways about to literally appear to you - boy, do you run! When it comes right down to it, many times you are not as ready as you think you are. "Not yet; not yet," you say.... We will know when you are ready.

Q: I don't think I'd run, though.
I know you don't think you'd run. And in a sense many of you may not. But also understand this: one of the reasons for the timing of everything is because, as we pointed out earlier, being exposed to a higher vibration will often bring things up with you that you are not ready to face about yourselves. And in fact, MOST OF THE RUNNING YOU DO IS NOT FROM US. IT IS FROM YOURSELVES!

We will trust the timing that is best for all concerned. Do not give it a second thought; just live your lives. And as we have said, you can open the lines of communication in loving ways with your government, and allow them to share the information of our existence. Make it not such a surprising thing that your civilization and ours should interact, thus laying the groundwork for that interaction.