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Regardless of the claims of benevolent intent, one thing is typical. Even though they insist that our evil government is keeping their presence unknown, and they claim to believe this is a bad idea, they all seem reluctant to supply any of those they encounter or abduct, with any tangible evidence that they exist. All those claiming benevolent intent tell us that they adhere to a strict policy of non-interference. It seems that they will not do or reveal anything that would create a massive spiritual revival, inspire opposition to dark conspiracies, mitigate evil plots or change the belief systems of humanity. In the same breath, they claim the only way we are going to properly evolve, be worthy of Galactic Citizenship, or otherwise raise ourselves above the level of a barbaric civilization, is to have a spiritual revival, fight and oppose evil and self-serving dictates of government, force the government to reveal secrets about extraterrestrials, and completely change our belief system to a greater understanding of what life is about and how the physical and spiritual worlds interact. They have a belief that interfering in any way is always bad, and that they create bad karma for themselves, when they engage in such. Does anyone but me see a contradiction, here? Let's play with words for a second. Is interference and intervention the same thing? No, but who knows where intervention and interference begin and end? It's just philosophy. I stand before you now with the audacity to lecture and criticize advanced and superior beings as well as our potential saviors. There is rumor that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different extraterrestrial civilizations that have gathered and surrounded our planet over the last several years. They have come to watch the harvest. Some have come to reap, others have come to protect the fruits of labor, and others have come to burn the fields in order to mock the authority of the creator. I speak to those who stand with the blessings of the Christ, who carry the authority of almighty God and can willingly wield the sword of Michael. Some of you have interfered with the evolution of planet Earth and humanity. Many of you have evolved for millennia since entering unholy alliances, did as you willed and humanity suffered. Most of you think you have seen the error of your ways but I question your wisdom. There is no disrespect intended. I merely see it differently, so I question and want an answer. We've no time for wise old games. Destiny is upon us all and the game making things a tantalizing mystery, one of hide and seek has become a silly patronage to an outdated religion and philosophy. I say that most of humanity are children of the light, not adults. Perhaps we are only a moment of memory away from realizing how ancient and wise we are, but that moment is not now. You lecture us on what we should have done, what must be done, and what will happen if we don't and yet you are wise enough to know we will not understand, we will not take right action, and we don't know any better, because we have amnesia, our DNA is foul, our spiritual powers subdued, and contact with home was lost long ago. And now you say you cannot interfere or intervene, whatever you want to call it. You say we have free will and yet know we can only suffer the consequences of our ignorance. I do not believe you hold to your philosophy of non-interference because you know it is righteous, but because you are afraid you will make a mistake again. Is it possible you fear what will happen to you if you interfere and things go wrong? You are older than us. You speak your philosophy with authority, as if you really knew what you were talking about. In the process, you are teaching us your philosophy. You are telling us that free will beings must never be interfered with, that every entity must find his own way, and that to intervene is to deny another their right to experience. So what do we learn from this great teaching? Non-interference philosophy teaches us how to raise our children, how to manage our society and how to deal with each other. Isn't that what you have come to tell us? Are you not setting an example for us, so we might learn? Excuse me for my emotional context, I mean no insult, but I think not! You are teaching me that you are not wise enough. That is why you fear getting involved where you know you can make a positive difference. You have learned that you have been foolish, and you have interfered and made things worse. You doubted your ability to make sound judgements until you have paralyzed yourselves to the point of only being spectators....uninvolved, righteous Wisemen. All humans know that they must interfere with the actions of their children. We protect them as they grow and learn. It is necessary and we don't have a problem with that. If your non-interference principle was sound, then there is no need to keep watch over your children. God will take care of them, nothing is needed from you. If your non-interference principles were sound, then there is no need for laws, or restrictions, or any kind of planning, because what will be will be and God will take care of it all. And so as dutiful parents, teachers and leaders you will allow any behavior, or action or whatever, and put up with all consequences, secure in the knowledge it is for the best, and I say to you that is nonsense! It is the philosophy of predestination and I reject it. What will be, will be what we make of it. Not just us, but all enlightened beings. True wisdom is knowing when and where to intervene. Not believing intervention always causes harm. At the most, it merely causes a different result, if your intentions are of the Christ. As a child matures, the parent wrestles with the question of, "should I interfere or let them handle it on their own." Therein lies the courage of the parent! It takes courage and trust in yourself to make that interfering move with the hope you are not over-stepping your role, or stifling your child's development. And, it takes courage to realize you often screw up, and you make wrong judgements, but it is immaturity, and cowardice that causes one to decide they will never interfere again. The fear of causing more harm than good must rest heavily on the hearts and minds of those civilizations that caused us harm in the past. All I can say to you is, "Examine your intent! If you are dedicated to the light, if you have benevolent intent, I believe you are challenged to intervene at this time. The creator is challenging you! Don't worry, He doesn't believe in non-interference. If necessary He will stop you from making a fatal mistake. He does believe in giving you as much rope as you can handle, though. I believe you've reached the end of your rope. It is time to take action and get involved. It is harvest time. Regardless of what is going to occur over the next few years, I doubt anyone can deny that humanity is ripe. It is time for us to go to the next level. Who will stand by and allow the hordes to burn the fields and steal the harvest? Who is willing to accept that humanities suffering, the pain, the atrocities, the horror, is acceptable? Who believes it is for our own good? My conversations with Alex Collier have convinced me that the Andromedans and their allied races have moved in the right direction. They are reluctant to get involved. Some think we're not even worth it. What I don't see is them standing on pious principle, or having any fear of doing the wrong thing. They are convinced we lost our free will to evil powers and interfering, extraterrestrials eons ago. I think now it is only a matter of whether it is worth it, or will do any good. What we need is an armada of dedicated workers in the light to protect Earth from invasion....a civilization to stand for justice. Second, we need interaction, wisdom and planning on how to restore our civilization to a benevolent, fruitful society. And third, we need the resources of advanced technology and spiritual understanding to get started. Will you meet with us now? We do not want you to be our Saviors! We do not want Jesus to be our savior. We do not want God, himself to be our savior. What we want is Love, wisdom, mercy, and the power of our free will to save us. Giving us the help I ask for does not make you greater or anything, more or less than, than what you have always been, but it does supply the resources for you and humanity to exercise the power of Love, to free trapped Will, and set the example the creator has designed into us all. There is evil in the Universe, and it is time to make the stand and say, "No more!" It is time to not put up with it any longer. Get down here and help! You may be saving yourselves in the process. In closing I would like to humbly apologize for my ignorance. Please excuse me, I don't seem to remember a thing before I was born. I know I don't see the whole picture, and I know I lack correct judgement in many areas. I hope if you know me to be way off base, you'll just smile and realize I'm doing my best with what I have to work with. I feel it is presumptuous of me to speak out as I have, but I'm getting upset. I am frustrated, knowing we need to have sanctuaries for those who will be confronting awesome and dangerous powers that are intent on dominating the human spirit. We need safe places for those who will be refugees, and those who will make the plans to bring our civilization to a higher level. I am frustrated when I know we need to get started now, knowing what must be done, and not having the means to do it. I'm speaking, now, to the spiritual hierarchy as well as the extraterrestrials of the light. What must we do to get you to help? -------------------------- Chain-Reactions By Jason Dunlap What do you think will happen if the Y2K, ("year 2000"), problem is not solved? Briefly, this refers to the problems that result when a vast number of key computer systems stop working on Jan. 1, 2000. Those of you who do not believe this is a serious problem, which will not be fixed, are uninformed, or oblivious to the reality. At 12 midnight, Jan. 1st, some key computer systems will, indeed, stop working properly, and the problem will require immediate attention of software experts or the situation will reek havoc with the social structure of the world. This is as real as, "There's a missile on its way and there is no way to stop it". So, what do you think is going to happen when this occurs? I don't mean, "Describe the details of what the computers will do, and why such and such will take place". Much has already been written about it. It is sensible to accept the fact that any records, money, or resources you have, that are in some way connected to computers, will be unavailable to you because of what will be going on. Let's say the weather is fine, crops are doing well, gasoline is readily available, that everything is just as it should be and then everything starts happening after the computers shut down. Jan. 1st lands on a Saturday, so everybody goes home from work on Friday, wondering if all the bull about Y2K is true. You will be assured by the government, that it is not a serious problem and that there may be a few glitches for a week or so, but everything is fine...just fine. Monday, most people go to work as usual and it begins. The first sign of trouble starts when companies try to purchase materials and inventory. Credit cards transactions will cease before the end of the day because too many computers are down, and there's not enough to handle the a long shot! Friday was payday, and lots of people cashed their checks and now all those transactions are held up somewhere in the system, perhaps never to be found again. It won't take long to realize the money system is fouled up. Banks aren't getting transfers, people can't get money, working people wonder if they'll get paid, and if they do, doubt it will be worth anything, and they are out of food. Many, walk off the job, businesses close. Even if you have cash you can't buy things because the owners of businesses can't get the checkout stands, and other computer intensive, equipment to work. Within a week, buying, selling, and trading, etc. will be going on in a completely different way....everything from food stands on the corner to black market barter. This won't happen if the situation is only temporary. Everyone can find a way to get by for a week or so, but, it won't be temporary, it will not be fixed and eventually the technological dependence on computers will be replaced by something else. It will be quite sometime, though. Regardless of what the media broadcasts, or what government officials say, enough people will not believe or trust them that it will cause some uncomfortable chaos. Computer failures will also affect most domestic services, utilities, and water systems. The whole social order and how things work will fall apart. In a very short time, there will be an overwhelming number of desperate people. Desperate people take desperate actions, often criminal actions, in order to get what they want. These will not be evil, bad, people, just ordinary people taking care of their survival. Theft and looting will be first, followed by more desperate behavior that will include murder and mayhem. The chain reaction following only a week or so will devastate the money system, internet commerce, government services, and throw our society into turmoil. The only solution would be to send the military into key areas to control the population and do the best they can to provide services. This is the good news. The bad news is that it can't happen this way, because you aren't going to wake up Monday morning and wonder what's going to happen. You will already know. You will have been informed before Christmas. The situation is known and understood at the highest levels of government and business. Only recently, has the media begun to clue in the public. This whole idea has been suppressed and kept secret for years by the government and when it did begin to reach the people, by way of the Internet, much effort was put into making it sound like a bunch of lunatic fringe, "the sky is falling", nonsense. Not any more, though. It is taken seriously at local and the highest levels. Politicians are even starting to get into the act and you better believe the whole thing is going to be on everyone's mind by the end of Spring, next year, Summer at the latest. What should we do? Should we do everything we can to let everyone know the truth? Should we lobby our politicians to take action immediately to stop it? What should be done? This is where things get very tricky. Most everyone believes that if they can see the problem, and understand it, then we get can enough people working on it, and it will be solved. This is the exercise in futility that is going on now. People are ranting around pointing fingers, hiring programmers, working on doing as much as they can before year 2000. They believe they can minimize the damage. Most of us have been conditioned to think in different terms than those at the highest level of power. We think the question is, "how do we stop it from happening?" It's the wrong question. I believe that at the higher levels of government, a different plan is being executed as we speak. They are not making plans on how to stop computer failure from ruining our civilization, they are making plans on how to gain the upper hand, control the population and all the goods and services, when the computers fail. They aren't making plans to fix it. I believe they are planning on what to do after it all falls apart. All things being equal, (and they are not, by the way.), before Jan. 1st, 2000, everyone will be informed about how "life as you know it" is about to change. The inevitable result will be an evolution of dictatorial government. Right now, most people in the modern world are mainly concerned with improving their comfort. Survival is a matter of food, water, clothing and shelter. After the computer crash, everyone will be concerned with survival, and the government will be able to use vast government controlled resources to control you by using food, water, clothing and shelter as the means to do so. If you observe what happens during major disasters and the role government plays, you will see that after the initial shock, people begin to migrate to where government agencies have set up services, and give out food and water. They don't need an army to force people to gather there. As the people arrive, government employees begin to organize the refugees, have you start filling out forms, making reports, volunteering for work that must be done. There is not anything sinister about the process, it just makes sense and most cooperate in the interest of efficiency. The refugees are not asked how they would like to be organized, or how they think the food should be passed out, or what paperwork is really important. It is not a democratic situation. In fact, everyone is relieved that somebody figured it all out so they don't have to deal with it. Thank God for the Red Cross. Indeed! What happens when the food, and water runs out? What happens when filling out paperwork in order to get assistance is useless because there is no data base to feed it into and no way of getting money to the needy. What's left is what they brought with them and when shortages begin to be inevitable, a system is always set up to ration what's left, only to those who are deserving. After awhile you have to "qualify" in order to get help. Illegal aliens will be out in the cold, the sick and dying will be left to die, and soon only local residence will be supplied, and in order to qualify, you will have to jump through all kinds of "hoops", be completely cooperative, show no resistance to authority, do exactly as "they" say, or you will excluded. Every major disaster in the modern past has relied on supplies and survival needs from areas that are unaffected. This time, there won't be any place like that. How do you think it will affect you? Dealing with that is the real problem. I just hear some of my loving readers saying, "there he goes again with the negative thinking, adding energy to the situation (as if ignoring it will prevent it), lowering his reader's consciousness with all this Apocalyptic talk. Oh please! The weatherman is not some negative guy trying to insight your fears when he says a storm is on the way. I'm not predicting a storm is coming. I'm not supporting a prophesy from 2000 years ago. I'm telling you that I can see the clouds forming on my radar, and there is only a very slim chance the radar system is mistaken. There is a chance, though. I could be wrong. Do you hope I'm wrong because you don't intend to do anything about it? If so, you won't be worried until the very last minute. Welcome to the concentration camp. You won't have to take my word for it. Fact is, the storm is way out to sea, and as it gets closer, you will be able to see what can only be seen on radar, now. I'm going to give some things to look for. Already, the Y2K problem is being explained and broadcast all over the United States, and other foreign countries. As far as I know, the United States public is about the only one that is taking this the least bit seriously. In Europe, they are talking about it, but they are still feeding the public a "nothing to worry about" line. We are about 3 or 4 months ahead, in this regard. I don't know much about what is going on elsewhere, but I guess it isn't considered as important an issue as much as it is here. As the next few months progress, a big controversy will begin where opponents will argue the validity of the notion that the problem will not be solved and we're in for a major upheaval. One side will accuse those in charge of complacency and ignorance and the other will accuse them of over-reaction, and inciting chaos with inflammatory and unscientific rhetoric. This will continue for a few months and more and more people are going to begin to prepare by purchasing and storing food and supplies to last them for weeks if not months. If we are not among that batch of forward thinkers, then it will just get harder and harder to prepare. After that, (I'm guessing late Spring, early Summer of '99), the reality that we will not be able to stop the inevitable will be announced, but they'll tell you plans are in place to minimize the outcome. A lot of effort will go into convincing people it won't be as bad as it will actually be. People might be told that things will be back to normal in a matter of weeks. Again, the media will promote the controversy. Now it will be a matter of one side presenting evidence that it cannot get back to normal in less than a year, and the other side presenting evidence that there is every reason to believe it will be only months, at the longest. This controversy will rage for another month and there will be a sudden surge in the purchase of food storage, and supplies. This is not speculation. Recently, I researched ways of getting into the preparedness supplies business. I called a supplier in Arizona and he told me that he is getting a call every two minutes! He said the biggest problem now is shortages of some items. There is already shortages, there are not that many companies with the technology to make nitro-pak and dehydrated food and new companies are not starting up. It would be a good business to start now, if you have the investment capital. If not, better start making it yourself. Before the end of next Summer, nearly everyone you know will be intent on storing up supplies for the inevitable, and heading for safer locations. I predict that rural land will be at a premium. Soon after, you will begin to hear about shortages, people ordering supplies and not receiving them, orders will be back-ordered for months or a year, and as things progress, before October of '99, it will be announced that the government is going to regulate what people can buy in regard to preparedness supplies, and the government will buy up everything available. It will be illegal to have more than a certain amount of supplies and laws will be passed to confiscate your goods for just about any reason. Then you'll hear about shipments being hijacked and you will know this is not going to be a great Christmas for the retail outlets, if you know what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving. Why by October? Governments, world-wide, start their fiscal year in the third quarter of the previous year. The Y2K problem will rear its ugly head in October first. By November, most of the world will know what will happen, come January. Everyone will suddenly jump on the "preparedness wagon" and it will be too late for most. It is bound to be a terrible mess! You have one year to prepare the best you can. After that, it will get more and more difficult and if you are not ready, then all your attention will be put on dealing with it. I say, you have one year, but that's only if nothing else happens before then. Personally, I think there is a good chance that the Y2K problem is our biggest worry for the near future, except in areas like California where earthquakes could happen, or some other natural disaster could start a chain-reaction of events that cause similar problems. We have several other scenarios looming on the horizon. UFOs and Ets could make contact, several volcanoes could reek havoc, this year's weather could have a startling impact on food supplies next year, or war could break out and suck our resources down to dangerous levels. Even if I'm wrong about the Y2K problem, it is likely that one or more of the other alternative disasters will disrupt, life as you know it, in the very near future. In any case, preparation for any of these eventualities is about the same. You must have stored as much survival supplies as possible, especially fresh water or have it available. It is not necessary to head for the hills and find some cave to hole up in. Major cities, in any case, will still be the hub of activity news and supplies. In order to be safe and secure in the city takes a different kind of preparation and I'll be addressing that in future issues. ---------------------- COA: Getting it Together Center of Attention has had a few challenges, lately. Because we had a computer crash, the necessity to move to another home, and monumental problems associated with all that, there was just no way of giving attention to getting the last newsletter out. Sorry, we were just too busy with, more immediate and just as important, matters. Consequently, everybody gets another issue added to their subscription. "The end of the tunnel" is in sight and we will soon be ready to rock and roll. Our new location will be bigger and more capable of expanding Center of Attention efforts. I plan to address three important issues over the next year. First is to increase Center of Attention's subscription list. I believe it is important for Center of Attention newsletter to reach more and more people. I am now addressing topics that everyone, not just the new age, spiritual community, need to concern them selves with, because stuff is going to start happening. From our new location we will be better equipped to handle a large increase in activity. Another issue is preparing for survival while the scio/politico/economic reality shifts, sometime between now and later. To address this issue, Center of Attention intends to support a "Preparedness" business, of some kind, that will be able to supply long-lasting food, and related "alternative living" supplies. The third issue is acquiring appropriate land and resources to build and develop an ecologically sound, self-sustaining "sanctuary" (not a community or compound), that can be the basis and model for living in the near future, where technology and rural agriculture find a sensible balance. I could use some food for thought on how to best approach these ideas. I'd be interested in your thoughts on any of these issues. Feel free to email or write me. Col. Philip J. Corso, author of "The Day After Roswell," Dies Sent to me by various readers, thanks The following information was published on the Net by Skywatch International, as well as, several other sources. Although he was 83, I am still quite suspicious that his death was deliberately caused. Too many important people, who have brought us revelations about government involvement with extraterrestrials, have died. There have been many rumors that the secret government has the technology to remotely cause heart attacks and cancer. This may only be reactionary rhetoric, but personally I believe such technology exists and certain factions of our government have used it against those they deem dangerous to their self-serving cause. The following is from Skywatch. Col. Philip J. Corso (U.S. Army, ret.) died at approximately 11:15 pm EDT on Thursday, July 16, 1998. He was 83. Corso, who was widely known for his controversial 1997 book, "The Day After Roswell," suffered a massive heart attack in early June of this year but made a remarkable recovery. He was at home on July 16 and was said to be feeling fine when he apparently suffered a second heart attack. According to a family source, Col. Corso died at or enroute to a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida. Colonel Corso is believed to be the highest ranking military officer, if not the only officer, to come forward and state under oath to seeing 'extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs.) Colonel Corso's background: Military officer during World War II and Army intelligence officer on General Douglas MacArthur's staff during the Korean War; member of the President Eisenhower's National Security Council as a Lt. Colonel for four years; head of Foreign Technology in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon in the early 1960s, where he was in charge of the Roswell Files, the cache of UFO parts and information which "an Army retrieval team . . . pulled out of the wreckage of a flying disk that had crashed outside the town of Roswell in the New Mexico desert in the early-morning darkness during the first week of July 1947."; retired from the Army in 1963 with nineteen medals and ribbons; then served as National Security specialist staff to U.S. Senators James Eastland and Strom Thurmond; and subsequently has worked as a consultant and contracts administrator in the private sector. Revelations: Colonel Corso tells that there were five extraterrestrials, 4-1/2 feet tall with greyish-brown skin, four-fingered hands and oversized hairless heads, found at the Roswell UFO crash site, two of them still alive. One tried to run away and was shot by nervous soldiers. The other was still alive but dying when he arrived in the back of an Army truck at Roswell Army Air Field. He was Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1947, the night a shipment of Roswell artifacts arrived from Fort Bliss. Colonel Corso examined the shipment, which included one of the dead extraterrestrials preserved in a thick light-blue liquid. The shipment was destined for what is now called Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Corso speaks about serving in President Eisenhower's National Security Council, and seeing the memos about the Roswell incident and the "goods" retrieved from it. The Colonel divulges how he spearheaded the Army's super-secret reverse-engineering project that "seeded" extraterrestrial technology at American corporations such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs, and Dow Corning - without their knowledge. He describes the devices found aboard the Roswell craft, and how they became the precursors for today's integrated circuit chips, fibre optics, lasers, night-vision equipment, super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar plastic armor), and classified discoveries, such as psychotronic devices that can translate human thoughts into signals that control machinery, Stealth aircraft technology, and Star Wars particle-beam devices. He also discusses the role that extraterrestrial technology played in shaping geopolitical policy and events; how it helped the United States surpass the Russians in space; spurred elaborate Army initiatives such as SDI (Star Wars Projects), Project Horizon (to place a military base on the Moon), and HAARP; and ultimately brought about the end of the Cold War. Colonel Corso also said that captured UFOs were/are kept at Norton, Edwards and Nellis (Area 51) Air Force Bases. He said a UFO Working Group was set up by President Truman in September, 1947, a group some call MJ-12, and that it has functioned ever since. In the 1950s two crude prototypes of antigravity craft were constructed, but were powered by crude human nuclear fission generators, and were inefficient and leaked radiation. He says that the Star Wars program was always primarily to prepare for war against the extraterrestrials in case of invasion. Condolences may be sent to the family of Philip Corso, Jr., Colonel Corso's son, care of the Roswell UFO Museum. Send attn: Philip Corso Jr., PO Box 2221, Roswell, NM 88202; fax (505) 625-1907; email care of -------------------------- Barbara's Realm By Barbara Bane Greetings! I would like to say, "Thank You", to all of you who called or wrote in response to the last newsletter. We will be moving by the end of the month, if not before. Spirit found us a house and we have been cleaning and painting for two weeks. We had to replace walls and floors in two bedrooms and then found out that both bathrooms need to be torn out and the floors and walls replaced (that will happen after we move in). The roof will be replaced in the fall and the outside will be painted next year. The kitchen will now have to wait until the bathrooms are done. The only thing holding us up right now, is the exterminator has to come and tent the house for termites and fleas. Then the carpet can be put in and we can move in. The backyard will have to wait for awhile. The front yard is nice, just needs some attention. Jason thinks that Spirit sent us to the owner (Jason contracts to the owner) because he has been really stressed out, starting a new company and wearing to many hats. So we have been doing the work and taking some of the load off him. If any of you saw the movie "The Money Pit", with Tom Hanks, you can relate to our situation. The house is not as massive, but the concept is the same. Once again "Thank You" for all of your concern, prayers & love. Message From Ronna Herman Hi, Angel Friends - Just a note to you who are on my personal list to receive the monthly messages. Carolyn O'Riley takes care of my general subscriber list. I want you all to know how special you are to me, and how I appreciate all your loving support. We are all experiencing a lot of changes and uncertainty, but I know that after the dust settles, our vision and purpose will be much clearer. I choose to work smarter and not harder, I think many of us are going into overload from trying to do too much. It is not meant to be that way. So if this seems to be the case, how about rewriting your contract? That is what I am in the process of doing. It is permissable and looked upon favorably. It is called taking your power at all levels. Even with all the ups and downs and twists and turns we have experienced, it is a journey and experience I don't think any of us would want to miss. I for one am having a great time and the rewards of Spirit are certainly worth the little discomforts along the way. I send you all a radiant beam of love/Light to fill your heart and surround you. Your Sister in the Light, Ronna MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL June 11, 1998 THE JOURNEY HOME HAS BEGUN Channeled By Ronna Herman Beloved masters, I ask you to take a moment and allow yourself to lift your consciousness out of your physical vessel as you read my message. First, feel your heart expand to incorporate the vastness of the love I radiate to you. Go within your brain structure, as I have taught you, and feel the Light packets of wisdom begin to pour forth. You may feel a slight pressure as if you have a band around your forehead, but it will not create discomfort. Now sense a pulsating, radiate, golden halo begin to form about eight inches above your head as I send down a shaft of loving energy to enfold you. Allow the essence of whom you are, the true you, a Spark of the Divine, to burst forth and move up and beyond the confines of time and space, into the rarefied realm where we dwell. We come together during your sleep time, and we answer your calls during meditation or times of distress or sadness. Now it is time for you to realize that you have the capability of reaching us and communing with us during your conscious, awakened state, that we are not 'out there' but only a thought away. We resonate at a higher vibrational frequency and, presently, most of you cannot see us, but we are real--more real than you in your physical overlay of matter. I will endeavor to strengthen your connection to the higher realms and to ease the distress many of you are experiencing at this time in your physical vessels. Most of you are in the process of releasing the residual impacted energy within your bodies from a deep core level. You are experiencing facets of yourself which have been unavailable to you for hundreds of thousands of years. All of those imperfect fragments you have projected out into the ethers down through the ages, as you endeavored to recreate the perfection of your first embodiment, are streaming back into your conscious awareness. Those energies have emotions and frequency, and they trigger response and reactions within your physical vessel--wherever those memories are stored and impacted. That is why it is so imperative that you become the observer of this process: Register the emotion, observe where in your body it causes a reaction or a stressful response; move into the energy, do not fear it, it is a gift. What awareness or wisdom is to be garnered, what lesson is to be learned? Your Higher Self will give you the insight of the experience if you will all your intuitive mind to flex its muscles and become your mentor and teacher. Breathe the healing, transmuting Violet Flame throughout your body and see the impacted energy dissipate. Or, see the spiraling radiance of the luminescent five galactic rays spiraling throughout your body as they continually requalify, balance and harmonize the third dimensional thought patterns which do not serve your highest good. Many of you feel somewhat out of the flow, you are weary and feel the need for more rest and may need more hours of sleep. Your eating patterns are erratic---you may have a craving for foods you do not usually eat, or your appetite may increase or wane. Many of you have put on additional pounds without changing your diets and you are wondering what in the world is going on. It would not matter what you eat or do not eat at this time, you might say you are reversing the process that brought you to this point, that made you who and what you are today. You are releasing old energy patterns and thought forms from your ancient past and even your ancestry through your DNA patterning. Allow, beloveds, allow. This too will pass. Be gentle with yourselves and as I often tell you, listen to your body elemental. It is once again becoming your friend and partner. It will help you to reclaim your health and vitality if you will allow it to do so. Stop before you put sustenance in your body and ask your body elemental if it is proper and for your highest good. Become conscious as to whether you are eating for emotional nurturance or to give your body fuel. If your body is overloaded with food, which must be processed through your digestive system, that is where the focus of your multiple bodily systems will be: Your mind will feel sluggish and your senses will be dulled so that your creative spirit cannot effectively work with and through you. Your energy level will drop and the focus of your existence at that time will be on processing the material frequencies you have ingested, changing either it into dross energy, or refined energy. Your Mother Earth is experiencing many shifting, radical energy patterns as well. The east and west coasts are experiencing the elements of water and wind, as these powerful forces attempt to heal the emotional frequencies, and the negative thought forms with which humanity has impacted these areas. The area called Florida has been given a golden opportunity to heal the anger, fear and desire for power, to control and dominate, brought forth in the memory of many from their lives in ancient Atlantis. It is not by coincidence that they reincarnated there, or were led to relocate in that area. There are also many brave and wondrous souls living there who are attempting to anchor the Light and balance and harmonize the frequencies, but the population at large is still in denial and resistance. Therefore, the great Devas using the element of fire are attempting to instill awareness as to the urgency of the times, not as a punishment, but as a wake up call. Those who need these cataclysmic events to shock them into awareness will be greatly impacted and affected. Those who are endeavoring to allow Spirit to flow forth and magically clear the way will find they will be kept safe and not have to experience the destructive effects. Remember what we have endeavored to instill in your consciousness these past years, all that is not in harmony with the ever-increasing frequencies of the earth must be restructured and requalified, either willingly or through the laws of cause and effect, or karma. A most wondrous gift is being offered humanity, but many are still ignoring the warning signs, the predictions, the nudgings of Spirit. Predictions are brought forth so that, through the gift of free will, you may change and requalify or negate the energy patterns from which that prediction was made. Remember, Beloveds, all that is transpiring is part of the ever-evolving process of ascension. The imperfections must be brought to the surface and requalified thereby making room, or preparing a place for Spirit to once more descend and take dominion. Those of you who participate in group meditations, or on a grander scale, the worldwide, unified meditations, or who actively take part in opening the portals or galactic stargates are providing a great service. Your synergistic endeavors are much more powerful than you can imagine. It is the beginning of the return to unity consciousness, as you all focus on one particular project, sending loving energy to a distressed area or some suffering people. Or those of you, through your unconditional loving intent, establish the refined pathway for the higher resonance of Spirit to descend to Earth. You are becoming aware that you are not an island unto yourself. Your negative energies resonate out into the frequency highways that surround the Earth and affect every sentient being. Just as your loving thoughts and energy lighten the thought waves and give hope and inspiration and lift the consciousness of the masses. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts, deeds and words you speak. The Golden Etheric Web of the Earth has been reconnected, refined and are fully functional and operating as it was in the beginning. You are becoming more telepathic and empathetic as the thought patterns from within the Earth, from the higher realms and from humanity begin to flow through this web of Light. That is why you can no longer ignore what is happening on the opposite side of the Earth. The thought patterns and frequencies surge forth and sweep around the Earth in moments and affect each and every one of you. If you have the same frequency patterns within you, negative or positive, they will impact and affect you in very dramatic ways. You cannot hide or go into isolation. Those times are over, my brave warriors. I will give you another vision of the perfection of the grand plan for you to ponder on until next we come together. The grand plan for this universe was that there would be many unique, detailed and focused creations, whereby those of you who were drawn to a particular world and culture would become experts in one specific aspect or attribute of creation. Whatever your focus was, mental, emotional, scientific, medical, historical, creative, teaching, nurturing and serving, leading and directing, those particular aspects and attributes were integrated in your divine blueprint/mission through the energies and overlay of the energy patterns of the great rays. That is what you have endeavored throughout the ages to bring to the fore and perfect. See the vast multitudes of Divine Sparks of consciousness flowing out into the universe via the energies of the great Rays from the heart of the Father/Mother Creator of this universe to the Elohim, the builders of form, the angelic realms and the Great Beings of Light and ultimately, you. Envision yourselves among these blessed, brave ones as you surge and flow, experience, create and grow in knowledge and expertise. Aeons later, the next part of the grand plan is put into effect and the vision of a small, special planet was brought forth. A planet which would be beautiful beyond measure, for all the wonders of creation would be brought to this one, small place within the outer limits of a galaxy, on the very outer edge of creation. The process of bringing this miracle of creation into physical manifestation in one place began. After being scattered throughout the universe, all was gradually brought and recreated on Planet Earth, all the diversity, all the uniqueness, all the expertise and wisdom garnered throughout the long journey since the inception of the grand plan. You all traveled down through what is called the seven spheres of experience or the realms of the seven rays of expression which contained all the aspects and attributes you would eventually incorporate. You stayed the longest in that place with which you resonated from within. The place which was attuned to your divine mission and there you stayed in the form of your great I Am Presence, who then projected you down in many fragments which would become known as your 'soul family.' You kept a portion of your 'cosmic memory' intact for many ages, until the Earth and humanity sank into the density of the third dimension. The veil of forgetfulness was gradually drawn across your memory and the Ring-Pass-Not or quarantine was placed around the memory of Mother Earth's consciousness as well. You have journeyed throughout the past thousands of years feeling alone and disconnected from us, the Beings of Light, and from your own Divine Self. You were sent forth, alone, to experience, create, gain wisdom, share the expertise and knowledge that are uniquely yours. You had to learn what it entails to create on the physical plane, in a physical body, to remember as you perfect your earthly skills, that you are a master. Your 'cosmic memory' is returning as you clear and balance all the energies created through the mistakes, trial and errors made down through the ages. All was part of the overall grand plan, my brave ones, but it was not known how the drama would play out until it was brought forth and implemented and free will as added as the ultimate test in cocreation Just as you burst forth from unity consciousness and separated and fractured into fragments of many sizes and resonance, weaving your way down through the dimensions and through your many lives and experiences on Earth, seemingly alone, you are now reversing the process. You are healing and integrating the fragments of yourself, you are balancing and harmonizing your force fields so that the multidimensional aspects of your being can begin the process of reintegration also. Many of you are now in harmony and attunement to your Higher Self and are well on your way to integration with the power, love and wisdom of your Divine Self or I AM Presence as it is often called. In addition, you are merging into unity consciousness with your 'companions on the journey. 'The multitudes of brave souls who stepped forward with you in answer to the clarion call and agreed to traverse the unknown as a participant in this 'grand experiment.' How wondrous it is to watch you, precious brave ones, as you remember, as you recognize those who are your companions-in-spirit, those from whom you were separated and have missed so sorely. We revel in your excitement and joy as you lovingly reunite and share the experiences of your journey. As you bring forth and share the wisdom you have garnered, and allow others to help you integrate that which you lack. Indeed, it a time of great change, a time when all the facets of creation are striving to return to the harmony of unity consciousness from which it sprang. Those who remain on the fringes, those who are unwilling to begin the process of awakening and integration will feel more and more isolated. The sense of being alone and cut off will increase until they cry out and reach out to those of you waiting to assist them, lovingly, back on the path which leads back home. Eventually to rejoin one with another in the heart of our Father/Mother God from whence we came. We are awaiting the opportunity to assist you to leap beyond the obstacles and boundaries which keep you ensnared in anything less than perfection. You no longer have to journey alone, Beloved Ones, we are here to offer guidance, assistance, wisdom and all the love/Light you can integrate and pour forth from your Being. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths. 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