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If you have the capability to receive document files as attachments, we recommend you ask us for the MS-Word which looks much nicer and may include pictures missing from this version ************************************************************ CENTER of ATTENTION Newsletter The twice monthly news and comment on UFOs Spirituality and the Ascension of Earth 2221 Bowers Ave. Santa Clara, CA. 95051 (408) 241-7981 email: website: ************************************************************ ETs to Create World -Scale Display in 1998 by Jason Dunlap It's been quite some time since I updated you on information from Alex Collier who is the contact for the Andromedans. Alex is another person who was abducted for the purpose of passing on information from alien beings. They've been telling him that Earth has been corrupted by various alien races and that their objective is to get all aliens to leave the planet by Aug. 2003. They believe that we must learn to develop without alien interference. I've seen some videos of Alex Collier, and what he says, and what he tells us the Andromedans say is quite convincing. I am sure what he says has happened to him, actually did, and that was, indeed, picked up by aliens and has had contact, from time to time, ever since. The controversy I wrestle with in all these stories of abductions, is whether what these aliens tell people is the truth. My belief is that most of it is suspect. I'm always interested in speculating on why they want us to believe it, rather than if it is true or not. The same goes for the information from the Andromedans. I'm not saying to be skeptical, but rather pay attention to the message and try to figure out what they are trying to condition us to believe. The Andromedan story is long and detailed. It's been going on for a couple years, now. Alex makes it clear that he is only passing on information that they've told him. He claims no special insight. According to the Andromedans, our world has come to the attention of many civilization, many of which have their own separate agendas and philosophies about how things should proceed. Center of Attention readers already know this, of course. Regardless of the details, it is clear that the end result is life on Earth, as we know it, is going to be permanently changed because sooner or later, extraterrestrial beings and technology is going to play a significant role in our future. It's the when and how of all that which is of interest. The Andromedans claim that a Reptoid race called the Draconians, are a superior, regressive race that believe they have the right to control the Universe. The Orion Empire, the greys, some Pleiadians are all ultimately connected to the Draconian Empire, and the reason they are here is because they lay claim to humanity, they covet the planet, and at one point were willing to use awesome power to take it by force. What stops them are armadas of positive, loving beings and alliances of extraterrestrials, that claim allegiance and authority from the Creator. We are at a point in history where the Divine Plan is in confrontation with negative, forces. The Andromedans formed a cooperative group of several alien races to take a stand against the Draconian Empire and this force is more than capable of handling the situation. This group is in favor of removing all alien influence from Earth and leaving us alone. In order to do this, however, they will have to interfere in the affairs of humans by revealing their presence, and interacting with us. Much of the information supplied by the Andromedans is negative, and warns of hard times ahead. Morenae, Alex's contact, has informed him of many dark conspiracies and plots by our governments that, no matter how you look at it, these plots are not for the good of humanity but mostly accelerated attempts to gain more dominance of the human race, by the New World Order. The Andromedans, for the most part, confirm many of our worse fears regarding the insane nature and agendas of our world leaders, and terrorist organizations. One problem that has existed from the beginning is the inability to in any reasonable way, negotiate honestly with our government. Our government intends to never tell us about aliens or their agendas, and is intent on keeping it secret. Every effort to gain cooperation in educating the population has failed. Now to bring you up to date. Intervention has already begun. Last year Pleiadian forces have shut down all time-line experiments and interference by aliens and the US government, including Montauk. They are now in the process of repairing the damage done by these experiments. It has been determined that non-intervention rules no longer apply to Earth. The Andromedans claim that regressive alien races have already infiltrated every aspect of planetary authority and that humans are no longer in control of our planet. Therefore, it is their position that intervention is called for and they intend to begin now. Because governments will not inform the populace, the Andromedans intend to bring their huge ships into our atmosphere and remain there for quite some time. They intend to bring the reality of extraterrestrial existence into the consciousness of all of humanity by obvious displays. This is to begin in 1998. That's this year! The Andromedans have also given us several warnings of impending disaster. They warn that a biological, terrorist attack has a high probability of happening between Spring and Fall of 1998. They warn that there is a high probability of a volcanic explosion in the Mammoth Lakes area of California in May, 1998. Atmospheric ash will blanket the US for about two weeks, earthquakes will occur along the San Andreas fault in California, and volcanic and earthquakes will rock Mexico about this time. They updated this information in February, and said 41 major population areas in Europe, England, Japan, and the US have be targeted for biological terrorist attacks. They also claim that American policy is now being dictated from Brussels, Belgium. One thing that makes the Andromedan predictions different than most. They only speak in terms of probabilities. They make it clear that the future is not known, that there are many time-lines and probabilities. They inform us of what is most likely. Now the true skeptic will just tell you that such a philosophy invalidates anything they say. A thoughtful person can see the difference between pure guess work (which probably is invalid), and probabilities based on facts and scientific extrapolation. The weather report is based on the same premise. If they say it will rain, they are saying, "In all probability it will rain." The skeptic claims it will not rain and weathermen don't know what they are talking about. Is a volcano going to go off in California in May? Not necessarily, but it might happen in June or sometime. It's probably inevitable at some point. They did not give a probability that they would put on an event that will convince everyone that ETs are real. They said they were going to do it. Period. Will they? Always remember, they have an agenda, too. They are not without opposition to their plan, and just like the Verdantes in "The Contact has Begun", or Lisa Royal's Pleiadians, and Sheldon Nidle's Sirians, that could be wishful thinking on their part. I will say this, though. So many things are lining up to happen that the probability we will see 1999 with no significant activity is slim. I think it is getting exciting, again. -------------------- Free-Energy Coming Soon by Jason Dunlap Claims of free-energy machines, cold-fusion, and other fantastic technologies have been around for decades. We have heard stories of how government agencies and industry giants have conspired to keep such technology out of the mainstream. Inventors who succeeded at proving such technology were intimidated and threatened if they tried to create a product or have their inventions patented. Some were even killed. The scientific community always consider such stories as nonsense and insisted that such technology was impossible. Well things have changed. Many of you can remember that, last year, Center of Attention financed and sponsored a mission to uncover and report about the reality of free-energy. It was hoped that we could make connections with those inventors that had actual working models, reveal the technology to the world and have an impact on making free-energy machines a part of our daily lives. Frankly, at the time, I felt we had failed to have much of an impact but Drunvalo says otherwise. He claims that efforts made by a small group of people in California to uncover and video working free-energy devices has paid off. He said that the video and all the information was put on the Internet. The information was shared world-wide. Inventors, who were too intimidated in the past, began to try again to have their inventions patented. Drunvalo said that in just the last 3 or 4 months, governments around the world seem to be willing to allow this new technology to come to the surface. Astounding as it may seem, the motivation of the government is that the information should be released for the good of humanity! Apparently, attitudes are, indeed, changing. In February of this year, Germany allowed a patent on a free energy device based on the relationship of certain carbon atoms. It is a small, thin film that outputs about 400 watts and will run all of our appliances indefinitely. The device is being presented to the world by a Prof. Deiter of Germany. Drunvalo went on to say that there were several other free-energy inventions that will soon be revealed and it will definitely change everything. Whether the transition will be smooth or rocky is a mystery, for now. Drunvalo made it clear that there was much he couldn't tell us at this time, but said he would give more information at the workshop in Oakland. I would like to point out, that I doubt Drunvalo was referring to Center of Attention's efforts when he said a video about free-energy is what made the difference. I rather think he meant some other group, that did a better job than we did. I find it interesting that even though it probably was not our efforts that made the difference, we nevertheless were following an identical plan. It was as if, in some cosmic way, we were one among others that answered a "call" without even knowing it. It comforts me to know that whatever we try, in regard to working for the good of humanity, is worthwhile and if everything doesn't work out just the way you expect, you can be sure there are others, following through. I will be trying to find out exactly which video he was referring to and let you know how to obtain a copy. I want to compliment Robert Perala for putting together such a great radio show. Drunvalo is a very, mild mannered, and centered person, and usually talks about his Flower of Life workshops, meditation and spiritual matters. Robert Perala and Tony Stubbs asked pointed questions and got Drunvalo to elaborate, in great detail about these things. This show revealed a lot of detailed and important information, most of which I have told you about. The show was taped, and if you want to purchase the entire tape, it is available for $12.00 plus shipping. There were many details and discussions that I haven't mentioned and you might want to hear it all. Call, email or write Barbara, and she will get a copy sent to you. ------------------ The Cost of Enlightenment by Jason Dunlap I regret criticizing Lee Carroll and Drunvalo in the past, regarding the cost of attending their events. I've come to a better understanding of what is involved in putting events and seminars together and had to ask myself, "what am I really trying to say when I say some events cost too much and tacitly imply they should not be supported?" Hopefully, not many of you took me seriously. All I'm saying is that enlightenment and spirituality should be affordable. I realize that there are many that have the intention of making a living by spreading spirituality and knowledge, including me. Who am I to judge what a reasonable living should be? I think it is fair for me to have opinions about the extremes, but it is not my place to judge anything else. Drunvalo is making a living by spreading the Flower of Life message and training thousands in important spiritual techniques. For many, his seminars are not affordable. There is no indication that Drunvalo is living lavishly, or opulently. On the contrary, in fact. Drunvalo must be spending an awful lot of money on the many support activities of the Flower of Life organization, and he is doing very good works, and deserves to be in possession of all his wealth because he is putting it to work for the good of humanity. Because of his good works, many, many people, who could not afford his week-long training, have nevertheless received much of the information and technology FREE, from the thousands who have learned from the training's, put information on the Internet, and spread the messages. I jumped to the conclusion he was being exclusionary by making his training's only available to the more affluent, when, in fact, the least of us has been well served. Now I believe it doesn't matter what a seminar costs. If you want to be there and can afford it, you should go. If you can't afford it, and wished you could go, don't worry about it. If it's important, you get the message, anyway. I think I'm just going to keep my opinion to myself from now on. REMINDER! Drunvalo, is giving a special event at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland on May 23rd, it sounds like an exciting event (which I intend to attend), where he said Larry Hunter will speak regarding details of the discoveries in Egypt. It only costs $88, for an all day training event, and that's a good deal..... in my opinion. (there I go again) I have apologies to make. From time to time and just recently, I've made comments and judgments regarding the cost of other seminars, workshops, and spiritual events. My comments were critical, based on my opinion that they cost too much. I've been rethinking this whole thing and want to temper my comments, especially regarding LEE CARROLL (KRYON) and DRUNVALO. I capitalized those names so that if they don't read anything else in this newsletter, it might catch their eye, and they will know that I am sincere in my apology. There was a KRYON event in Colorado, recently that cost over $400 to attend and I thought it was a bit excessive, at the time. One who attended the meeting, reported that the 3 1/2 day event was well worth the money, included great food, and other extras. They went on to say that they felt there was some contention between Lee Carroll and me and I should patch things up. He felt my criticism of the seminar made things worse. I was mystified by his comments, having no sense of conflict between Lee Carroll and myself. After some discussion I saw where he had got these notions about some kind of problem between me and Lee Carroll. I am sorry Lee. I forget that many people take everything I say seriously, and often, when I think I'm being clever or funny, my cutting sarcasm and off-hand remarks might offend the party in question. When I think I'm being cute, I sometimes say things that could be construed as a veiled insult. I remember one article where I said Kryon was boring and made fun of his comments about not getting out the lawn chairs, because nothing sensational was going to happen. KRYON WAS RIGHT, by the way! My intention was to, maybe, get Lee to respond with a little fun and sarcasm of his own. I wanted to play! I merely wanted to point out that one being's opinion that something is merely sensationalism, is often just boring to someone else. He didn't play, though. It never occurred to me that he may not have appreciated my comments. I thought he was just busy. Besides, I'm nobody special. Frankly, I don't think he ever gave it a second thought, but just in case..... I have the utmost respect for what Lee Carroll is doing and recognize that the Kryon has been one of the most accurate regarding future discoveries, and events. The spiritual message and intent is profound and valuable. I certainly hope you always take my comments as being supportive of the spiritual enlightenment of humanity, even if I am careless in my delivery. Reminder! Kryon will be in Sunnyvale, Ca. May 23rd. See Upcoming Events at the end of the newsletter. ---------------------- Barbara's Realm By Barbara Bane MESSAGES FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL April 23, 1998 RETURNING TO UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS Channeled by Ronna Herman Beloved Masters, at no time during the history of life on Planet Earth has it been more important to seek clarity and harmony in each and every moment. Every thought, emotion, verbalization and act is being magnified and cast out into the ethers-that which is building your future and the future of your world. You have asked that you be allowed to become cocreators with us once again. To once more be given the power to tap into the unformed cosmic substance of life, and your wish has been granted. Now what will you do with this gift? As with any gift or talent, it takes practice and time to perfect. At some level, all of you are striving to tap into the knowledge, and are searching for the tools which you will need to move out of the old paradigm, the constrictions and conflicts of the third dimension, and into the ever-expanding reality where all is possible and attainable. It is time for you to begin to see yourselves in a different light. Who are you? What title or role do you relate to and identify with? What words would you use to describe who and what you are? Do you identify with your work title, your family name, or as an extension of someone else: a wife or mother, a son or husband? Yes, you may be all of these things, but it is not who you are, my beloved ones. Your true identity is so much vaster than you can imagine, and if you could see yourselves as you really are, you would truly be amazed. You are a projection and a representative of a most wondrous being. You were sent to Earth with many other fragments of your Divine Self to experience, learn and fulfill your particular mission. To contribute your chosen creative talents and knowledge, which are uniquely your own, and thereby add to the wisdom of the whole. It is time to stop judging yourselves by the standards that have been established by others down through the ages. You are not what your education has made you, or the title it allows you to use before or after your name. You are not your family lineage, nor are you to see yourselves as isolated or bound to just one particular race, creed, or gender. You have experienced many lifetimes and assumed many roles, donned many disguises and personas. It is interesting to us to see how those still stuck in illusion judge other so vehemently when they have played the same roles and acted out the same dramas. They are judging their own fears and weaknesses which are being mirrored back to them. The old limited image you have of yourself, or which others have of you, is not who you are. We have stated many times, you are a divine being having a human experience. You are not here to seek perfection on the physical plane, it is impossible to attain. It is the ego that is always comparing and never satisfied with things as they are. It is a sense of unworthiness that makes you seek to always gain new recognition, to be more than, or better than those around you. We are not saying that you should not strive to be the best you can, that you should not take advantage of all the opportunities offered you. We are asking you to see yourselves as perfect just the way you are, no matter what your level of experience, status, life conditions, or station. Just as I explained to you in the last message about the life experience you chose before coming back into the physical form, it is important that you begin to see the overview or greater picture of who you are. You decided, along with your guides, teachers and Divine I Am Presence, what was needed for you to return to a state of balance and harmony, what areas you had neglected, or avoided. You came with a specific allotment of talent, awareness, and illumination drawn from your Divine Self, with a mission to accomplish that was in accord with your overall life plan. The drama you were to play with others was carefully planned and orchestrated so that you would have the best opportunity to experience and move through the blockages and limitations into greater awareness. The old way is to judge yourself and others by the standards established by those in power or control, or by the popular beliefs of mass consciousness. It is time to stop judging with the mind or intellect and start viewing others through the filter of love and compassion. Leading a spiritual life does not mean giving up the pleasures of the world, martyring yourself or living a life of sacrifice for others. You are on Earth to express JOY, to experience all the wonders and beauty of the physical plane. You came to express the full potential of your God Essence, no matter what the level of that expression, from the minuscule to the magnificent. You came to embody a particular facet of God-beingness and each expression is as precious to the Creator as another. If you will change your perception and stop judging yourselves and the conditions of your life, and begin to focus on the opportunities being offered and the joy of the challenge, you will tap into the formula for spiritual mastery. The next step, and you are in the midst of this now, dear ones, is moving into unity consciousness. You must stop judging your brothers and sisters, and begin to love them for their uniqueness and diversity. They have great gifts and wisdom to offer you, as you have for them. They also have their residual weaknesses and areas of pain that you can assist them to overcome, just as they can assist you, in turn. If you judge and see only their imperfections, that is what you increase or magnify in yourselves. But if you view them as perfect in their present state and radiate love and acceptance to them, that is the frequency pattern you reinforce, and what they will mirror back to you. You cannot see, or even imagine, how the unified force field of Light is increasing and growing amongst you, the Light Warriors. How it is encompassing, permeating and penetrating the Earth. We call it a heart link, but in reality it is the rejoining of Essence-to-Essence, Spirit-to-Spirit, mind-to-mind as you come together in common purpose through meditation, toning, breathing and embodying the magnificent, radiant Spirit of our Creator. Remember beloveds, Love/Light is expansive, it is active and it lifts up and illuminates. Fear/darkness contracts, it is passive, draws down and constricts. As you come together and offer each other the radiance of your Light and the wisdom of your experiences, you assist each other to move through the illusion and fear of the darkness. You shine your Love/Light out for all to see and allow others to bask in the glow of your victory. You are the examples, with a grand opportunity to assist others and give them the courage to move forward. For those following behind you see what you have done with your challenges, and the rewards you have reaped for your bravery and diligence. You are smoothing the path and easing the way for those who will follow in your footsteps. You have no concept of your power and ability to change the world when you come together with a unified purpose in your hearts and minds for the betterment of all. When you move aside your prejudices and self-interests, you harness the full force and measure of Divine Light Substance and miracles are wrought. It is time to forge ahead, but as a whole, no longer focused on individual endeavor alone. That is why we ask you to first concentrate on your own growth, balancing and harmonizing all facets of your being, as you come into the realization that you are a Spark of Divine Essence. You then move past the narrow view and concept of the little self, and into Unity Consciousness, whereby your focus shifts to that of a master and on the vaster ONE, instead of the small one. You have all been so eager and anxious to come to full realization, to ascend and attain mastery, you have forgotten to enjoy the journey and the miracles of the moment. Each and every encounter and event has a purpose and contains important information for your growth. If you forge ahead too quickly, you not only make the journey more difficult, but quite often you have to regress to absorb some necessary wisdom or release some outmoded concepts that are hindering your progress. Remember, you are now in the spiral of evolution, the oval of enlightenment, the ebb and flow of mastery and transmutation. You surge forward, out into the world, in search of new knowledge and information. You must then turn inward in order to assimilate, integrate and utilize what you have learned. You then project that new awareness out into your reality, making it your own and sharing it by example. The process then repeats itself. Many of you are concerned because it seems that you are taking a step backwards, for emotions and energies you thought you had released are emerging once again. At times, is seems these experiences are even stronger than they were before. You are dismayed, you judge yourselves and feel you are regressing instead of make progress and moving into new territory or a new level of awareness. Did we not tell you that you are experiencing the energies and memories of the mass consciousness in order to heal them and bring them into harmony and balance? Most of these feelings and emotions are not of your own making, but from mass memory of bygone ages. Here again, we ask you to not judge, to move out of the narrow focus on your small self. Realize that you are serving the ONE, or the whole, along with other dedicated warriors, in healing, balancing and clearing the past memory of humankind and the Earth. The pain, suffering, sense of failure, guilt and fear cannot exist in the paradise that is being formed and manifested in the ethers. It must be transmuted and requalified before humanity and the Earth can move forward and claim that bright new world of tomorrow. The formula is simple: become aware of your emotions, moment by moment. Sense where within your bodily structure these emotions are affecting you. Be the observer as you examine and move into the area and the emotions, allowing them to express or come fully to the fore. Do not fear, deny or restrict them, my friends, that is the old way. Embrace them, and allow them to give you the wisdom they are offering as you release and transform the imperfections into shining Light substance. Breathe as we have taught you, breathe through your crown chakra and down into the Earth, then back up into the crown and down again forming a figure eight or the infinity sign with your heart as the center focus. Or, tone the energy out of your body and into your auric field and see it being transformed into shining crystalline Light. That is so you do not resonate the imbalanced energy out into your force field which then creates a cause and effect situation that must be rectified. That is the old way. Claim and know that you are entitled to move through this process with ease and grace, not through trauma, pain and suffering as in the past. I have told you this in the past, but it bears repeating. Each evening review your day. Do not judge, just observe. What could you have done differently? What did Spirit nudge you to do that you did not heed? What would one of the beloved masters have done in each situation that comes to mind? Did you project the unconditional love and nonjudgement of a master, or did you miss the mark in some way? After you have reviewed the events of the day objectively, call on the Mighty Angel of Forgiveness to transmute and harmonize any discordant energy that you may have projected out into the world that day and know that in asking, it is done. This moves you into a state of harmlessness and grace, so that you are not projecting any discordant energy out into the world. As you add your loving thoughts, affirmations, gratitude and vision of perfection for humanity and the Earth, it flows freely, unimpeded and not distorted in any way, joining with like energies. It gains power and momentum as it surrounds the Earth and is catapulted out into the higher realms to manifest and shower blessings down on all who are ready to receive it. This is how powerful you are becoming, my brave warriors, and how wondrous are the times of the present. Do not tarry, do not hesitate, beloveds, it is time to take up your banner and Sword of Light. Do not miss this grand opportunity to join with your brothers and sisters in a unified endeavor to heal, balance and harmonize not only yourselves, but the Earth, as well. You are ready, you are capable, just as you are this moment. Only you can fulfill your particular mission and add your unique energy to the whole. A golden opportunity is being offered, just as was the Golden Promise given. The choice is yours, what measure of your Divine Self will you draw to you and manifest? Only you can decide. Know that we see you in wondrous cloaks of Light and in great splendor and that you are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael. Channeled by Ronna Herman *Star*Quest* 6005 Clear Creek Dr., Reno, NV 89502 Phone/Fax: 702 856-3654 * email: * Write for Schedule of events. Hello, Dear Friends - my new web page will soon be up and running. The address is - it will have ten pages and my web site developers are doing an awesome job. Hope to have it up before Wesak, May 9-10 so check it out and give me your input. I will be in New York City for WESAK FESTIVAL on May 9-10 with a group of wonderful, beautiful, Light Workers * Come join us in A RETURN TO SHAMBALA as we create the Unity Consciousness of which Lord Michael speaks. For information call: Zena 212-475-9173. On May 16th I will be in MIAMI BEACH at the Ritz Plaza Hotel, South Beach, for a one-day intensive * QUEST FOR MASTERY * Return To Atlantis * Healing the Past. Please join us as we activate the crystalline energy vortex of Light in that area * Call: Kathleen: 954 452-7814 * I will make several book signing appearances and do a limited number of private readings. NOW AVAILABLE: ONCE UPON A NEW WORLD * Book one * First Remembrance: A Glimpse of Paradise * Second Remembrance: The Time of Seeta * A metafiction novel in bound manuscript form. $14 plus $3. Priority Shipping. NOTICE: I NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS * MASTER CARD * VISA *AMERICAN EXPRESS I just returned from a five-day trip to Toronto and it was an incredibly beautiful experience. I wish to thank everyone who participated in the three events and who made my visit so delightful and special. I hold the memory and all of you in my heart. Love and blessings to you all. RONNA --------------------- Working with the Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress By Chirstan Hummel Christan Hummel was a Flower of Life facilitator for a year and a half, and editor of the Unofficial FOL newsletter. She currently is working to assist others in the grassroots pollution clearing movement initially started by Slim Spurling and Drunvalo Melchizedek. She has spent the last 25 years working with the Devas and is now going around the country teaching others how to communicate with them and work with them to help heal the Earth. I first became aquatinted with the term "geopathic stress" upon meeting a colorful character, named Slim Spurling. My friend and mentor, Drunvalo Melchizedek, brought Slim out to the group of Flower of Life facilitators who had gathered at Drunvalo's retreat center in Paulden, Arizona in January of 1997. Drunvalo was sharing with us his work with the tools Slim invented which, in conjunction with some wave form tapes developed by Bob Dratch, were clearing pollution in the city of Denver. At the time, I was editing a newsletter that went out to Flower of Life graduates and had run an article talking about the pollution clearing project Drunvalo was involved with. When I heard that Slim was going to be at the meeting in Paulden, I jumped at the opportunity to interview him directly. I must say that upon first meeting Slim, I realized that I had a choice here, to be fooled by his "hill-billy act" as he calls it, or to search for the deeper truth about this man. Fortunately, for me, I went for the later. Drunvalo's own description of Slim, was that he was like the "Merlin of the West." I found this to be a very apt description. So I interviewed this hill-billy Merlin, who after eating an 8 0z piece of steak for breakfast proceeded to go outside to smoke his daily quota of Camel cigarettes. My Hindu background had more issues with the steak and the leather coat and hat that adorned him, than with the cigarettes, but I proceeded with the interview. Despite my attempts to focus on the interview, I could feel my judgments creeping up on me. "How can he be spiritual?" my mind was chattering. But it soon became clear that this man born in the Dakota hills, with his two foot beard and daily portions of meat and cigarettes, had discovered something that would change the course of human events. As I did the interview, I saw that his piercing blues were as much interviewing me as my words were interviewing him. "Who was this man?" I kept asking myself. Is he just the simple backwoodsman with a background in metallurgy and chemistry who stumbled onto this technology through "dumb luck" as he claims? Or was he consciously applying his years of study into Alchemy and the Ancient Egyptian sciences to develop these tools that were supposedly doing such miraculous things as clearing up pollution and reducing crime rate in Denver? I couldn't tell. After the interview, I remembered what I had read years ago from the Tibetan Master Dwal Khul, who said that the master cannot be seen unless he wishes it to be so. Well, it came time for Slim to do his demonstration for the group of Flower of Life facilitators gathered in eager anticipation of his talk. He talked about how they discovered the tools, some of the physics behind how they operated, and gave some demonstrations on how to use them, but it was not until he did something with his hands that I really saw the truth about who this man was. At one point he went to dislodge some stuck energy located in the person's body who was volunteering to be the guinea pig for the group. He held up his hands and without any ceremony swept them down in a quick motion and suddenly, without warning, I saw a bolt of energy come from his hands and go into the person laying on the floor. In one fail swoop he collected and gathered the energies into a ball of light that went into the affected area like a bolt of lightening. In that instance, I saw the "Merlin of the West" that Drunvalo was so enamored with. "What a disguise!" I thought. "How would anyone ever know?" Thus began my relationship with one of the most interesting people that I have ever come across. As time passed, I wanted to learn more about what he knew. At first I focused on the tools he invented and learned everything I could about them. Stories began rolling in about what people were experiencing with these Tesla-type tools. Soon afterwards, I invited him out to do his workshop, Geobiology, for our area so we could learn more about these fascinating 4-D gadgets, which were so deceptively simple looking, much like their inventor. Slim came out on three different occasions, and each time I was able to hear a deeper level of what he knew, which he shared in such an understated manner. Finally, I videotaped his last workshop in San Diego and asked him permission to assist him in sharing the information in his workshops using the videotape, as his schedule was filled to capacity 6 months in advance. So I began to share with others the work that he was doing with the pollution tools, and their applications for individual use. I just followed his format and used the videotape of his last workshop. Because it was a part of what Slim presented, I followed suit and spent the first day discussing the geopathic and Hartmann lines. How to detect them, what their effect was on health, sleep patterns, financial flow, mental clarity and a whole slew of other symptoms that were well documented to be related to geopathic stress. I didn't quite see the connection to the tools. It seemed like two different workshops, but I just followed his example and taught it the way he did. Well each workshop brought a new level of understanding for me as I watched and re-watched the tapes. I was beginning to see what could only be seen from a level of understanding, and could not be explained in words directly. I saw the connection, the whole picture so to speak. How it all tied into his incredible tapestry where everything was related to everything else. A big "ah-hah!" The "ah-hah" showed the connection between the tools, the pollution project and the geopathic lines. The tools themselves are made of copper, cut at lengths which are based on the sacred Egyptian cubit. The way they are wrapped (the rings for example utilize the caduceus coil) effect the energy flow through the copper. They are then electroplated with gold that has Bob Dratch's wave form technology embedded into the gold. You can look at the website at: for more details on the principles behind the tools. But it boils down to shape, wave form and energy flow determined by the metal used and the sacred geometry employed. That's the basics behind their construction. What they do is another matter. And while the results vary from people reporting reduction of their physical discomforts from migraines to broken bones, these tools also affect the environment as well. "How can they do both?" I wondered for a long time. And "why does Slim spend a whole day on these geopathic lines?" This was still a mystery to me until the "ah-hah." What I learned is that when using the tools on an individual, what is happening is that on a quantum level the tools are reversing the "spin" from a "negative" (or dead life) spin to a "positive" life-enhancing spin. It was just a matter of spin. One directions was counter to life, and the other direction promoted life, whether it was plant life, animal life, or human (and we had heard numerous reports of these tools working wonders on all three). Well, I could understand that, at least intuitively, but why does it affect the environment too ? The connection to the geopathic stress came when I began to look at research of Wilhelm Reich and his study of what he termed "orgone energy". He noticed that there was this life force energy (orgone energy). Some call it kundalini, but his term was "orgone". What he also noticed was that there was the opposite which he call "dead orgone energy" or DOR. This DOR he found at the heart of very nasty storms. It is also in the geopathic stress zones. Well the "ah-hah" began. "That's it! The tools reverse the spin from dead orgone energy to positive life energy!" I now began to see the connection. When people worked with individuals using these tools they were reversing the spin of that stagnant energy in their bodies which produced the whole variety of symptoms they were feeling. People noticed great results. But once they went home and began to sleep and work in the geopathic stress zones, they filled up with this negative spin again and for many people the symptoms eventually reoccurred. We had seen this time and again. So the key to a permanent resolution lay with healing the geopathic stress. I finally understood why Slim devoted a whole day of the workshop to what seemed like an unrelated topic. So I began to research these geopathic lines, what they were, how they originated, and how to heal them. What I knew from Slim's research was that they were zones of stressful energy which had a negative effect on life, plant, animal and human. They also seemed to affect inanimate objects like cars, appliances, and plumbing etc. We had numerous reports of people blocking the geopathic stress lines going into their house or office and suddenly appliances which didn't work before began working! Others reported houses that were on the market for three years, and within weeks of blocking the geopathic lines, they sold. The case histories are endless. It made sense from a Fung Shui point of view. The ancient Chinese knew well the effect of energy flow on the surrounding environment. They even had a tradition that you should build your house where the sheep slept because the animals instinctively knew to avoid these geopathic lines of energy. People would probably still have that instinctive sense as well if we lived a life more closely connected to the land, but we have divorced ourselves from that knowledge and tend to live in high industry-argriculture, and technological societies with our lives governed by artificials like freeways, and the internet and computers and phones and biologically engineered crops. Certainly, we have benefited from these advances, but one prices it has extracted from us is that we have lost the wisdom we used to possess about the land and the environment that came from interacting with it directly. So these geopathic zones were a crucial piece of the puzzle. I remember what Slim had said about the pollution project they did in Denver. They placed the units (harmonizers) on the major geopathic lines going through the city. The effect was that the harmonizer was able to transmute the negative energy from the geopathic line that it was placed on. The results in Denver were astounding! Not only was the pollution cleared during the time of their experiment, but for the year that they did the experiment, the crime rate went down 36%, and the following year 51%. It seemed no coincidence that when they looked at the map of the city, that where these major geopathic lines intersected, that those areas were also the high crime districts as well. Well, of course! The microcosm and macrocosm were reflections of each other. I had learned of the effect of these geopathic lines on the human body having a similar effect. The Hartmann lines, for example, were named after the two doctors who discovered them. They took 5,000 of their cancer patients and through dowsing located where these lines of energy ran through the patient's bed. Where the lines intersected on the patient's body was the exact location where their cancer developed. This was true in 98% of the 5,000 cases they studied! Another researcher in Austria studied the effects of these lines on students identified with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.) She took 3,000 cases of kids identified with Add and simply moved their beds so that they were out of the path of these lines, and in 100% of the cases involved, there was reduction in the ADD behavior. So if these lines affected our mental, emotional and physical states on a microcosmic level, of course they would affect our behavior on a macrocosmic level as well. And what better way to study the effects of that than in a city. So the connections were becoming clear, But what to do about it? Certainly one could not put harmonizers everywhere there was a geopathic line. We detected through dowsing an average of 70 lines running through each household. What Slim discovered was that if you put a copper rod into the ground at a 90 degree angle to the line that it caused the line to arc up and over the affected area, be it a house, or other piece of property. For many years, this is the approach which Slim and his partner, Bill Reid used to effectively divert these geopathic lines around the houses of the people who were being plagued by their presence. Wonderful stories abounded as people, many overnight, felt what it was like to be in a stress free environment, many of them for the first time in their life. So fantastic work was being done all around the country, training others how to locate and divert these lines as well. An army of workers were now out in the field to help people find stress free existence. In the 10 years that Slim had been giving the training's they estimated that well over 125,000 homes were benefiting from the work of those who were blocking and diverting these geopathic lines. 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